Private Book Publishing

A private book publisher

What's Your Story? It'?s a game. However, only in a private memoirs or memorial book can everything be brought together - the histories, the images, the artifacts in good living - and come back again and again, comfortably, in peace, now and for future generation. As well as publishing memoirs, we also offer assistance to authors who want to edit, write and create their own book to make sure it looks and works as good as possible.

We will work with you from there to circulate your book. We are there to ensure that the entire production chain is as smooth and profitable as possible, from the receipt of your script to its launch. We' ll work with you wherever you are in your book production processes, whatever type of book you want to do.

We offer interviews and transcriptions at home to get your memoirs going. In order to take your script to the next phase, we edit and polish the words into an artistically created story, which is then created, pressed and tied using handcrafted book binding technologies that have stood the ordeal. We' d like your book to look as stylish as it looks, so you have a wide range of paper, fabric, leather and other finishes to work with.

No matter whether you need memoirs, book editorship or information for the publication of your book, we are there for you and would be pleased to talk to you.

Publishing - Editing services

Usually you want to publish your book to make it widely available. However, if you produce: you probably don't want the trouble of publishing. Remember that if you choose to do this, the author must do the part of self-publishing, so make sure you are willing to spend your own amount of energy and efforts on it.

However, if you simply want to give your book away or if you want to resell it in private, Private Publishing can be the right thing for you. Then you can order as many as you want, which will be sent to you or elsewhere, so that our services are applicable for both private and "public" publication.

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