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That' s how most volumes of poetry and novels should begin. This is a problem, first publish a digital copy of your book and later a printed copy. The Australasia's leading digital printer, as proud of your print job as you prepared it. Where can I publish my own book worldwide? Pothi is the most important free print-on-demand platform in India.

Self-editing: Your novel or autobiography in Glorious Print

A lot of us have hid a novel or an Autobiographie just wait to be made. Other people have already tipped their novel, sit in hiding, unnoticed by someone other than the writer. In The Document Centre in London we get requests almost every day from those who want to publish and tie their own story, whether it' s a fictional or non-fiction book.

Also, the feed-back we get when the accounts are hardcover is great. New writers, their boyfriends and their families just adore the final product and wonder why they didn't bind it in a professional way many years! Don't hesitate, because the Document Centre has all the necessary abilities and technologies to make your first novel come to live.

Be it a novel, a biopic, a biopic of a loved one or boyfriend, or a kind of memory of a happy couple, we can make it look like a million bucks and turn it into something we'll be passing on to coming generations-your name and your history, questioned, in printing, forever. And, as you never know, you can see that you've come across something big and that this novel arouses the interest of a broader group.

Alternatively, you can click on the following link to find out more about our self publishing services: print and customisation. Have a look at our photo galery to see what kind of print and bookbinder work we do.


Yes, we all know the impracticable 3 - faster, cheaap, good - and the rules that only 2 of them work at a certain point. But I think I got around this and found a way to deceive the system to make my novel design almost quick, inexpensive AND good-printing.

Teens in my home wanted to get it to reading and going to college, so I had to find a way to make five for them. I also wanted a paper copy for myself to look like a genuine novel and to dissociate myself from my own writings to see things I hadn't seen before (this ploy always works).

Prints on your home printers. But I didn't do it because at the moment I wanted to start designing, I ran out of inks and my printers usually wanted to "eat pages". So, I did a crude reckoning and it looks like she suffers about $20 worth ofthe paint for a 500 page design (about 110K words) + about $15 for a notebook + a few bucks for a notebook + your timeframe to sit down and maintain for her to print and then through a half hours of punch and making sure it's all true.

It just didn't give me that opportunity, and the thought of having a giant folder with me didn't make me smile. QUICK? Immediately, minus the amount of material needed to press and die cut a hole and purchase a binding agent. Kinkos (now FedEx). As I was writing my first design, I took Stephen King's council from his On Writing books and put it out to the press to review and review Design 2 by handwriting.

Of course, I didn't know how much it was going to take me to make, so I thought I was going to run at Kinkos. It was only when I lifted the design that I could have chosen a less costly piece of cardboard and that it would not have been so costly.

QUICK? Not as quickly as at home, several additional time. Took me $70 for a copy with the folder. Had I chosen recycling papers, it would have been $50. The same issue as when you print at home, a giant draft to drag around or give away to readers.

Lulu pressure. I' ve been looking at a lot of other features before I settled on Lulu because they had the easiest interfaces and beautifully crafted websites to take me through the entire production workflow quickly and easy. First, to be able to print my design at 6x9 inch (typical pocket size), I had to somehow reformat my almanac.

There is no idea how to do this, nor do I have much learning to do, nor do I think I have the music. I had Lulu tell me that it will take 3-5 working weeks for the hard copy to be shipped after it has been made. However, they did not tell me how long it will take to make them.

and I was ready to buy the prints. QUICK? On December 8, I ordered 4 of them, they came today, December 12. Looks like a big picture only. Print via CreateSpace (on Amazon). On the same date, December 8, I ordered a few of my designs via CreateSpace.

Every copy was $7 - with good print qualitiy and various layout possibilities and automated reformatting of my 6x9s! I ordered only 2 of them because it will take several months to deliver a copy. When printed drum roll* it came in today, just an hours after the Lulu prints were made!

That'?s my call now. However, before you do this, you should be fully conscious that Amazon will ask you for your VAT ID and an ISBN. I' ve chosen a free ISBN feature because this was only for a design. QUICK? Like Lulu, it took four of them. I only got $7 a copy, and it looks like a genuine work.

As I said, it looks like a genuine hardcover and everything. This is what I suggest you do via CreateSpace. Cause I wanted to deal with it quickly. Do you have other experience with offset or do you know better, less expensive methods of offsetting? I hope this contribution saves you a lot of spare minutes and my agonies about going through pressure hell (it took me several nights to find out) have not been in vain.

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