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Type & Tell gives you the opportunity to use our Print on Demand technology to sell your book through an online retailer. In the subway stations Amazon is planning to test online shopping cupboards in the multi-storey car parks. Our work is world-class with a long and successful history of letterpress printing and special binding. This is how Google transformed its millions of books into an online library of the future. Test us now - give us your current price and specification and we will do our best to beat it.


Our handmade adhesive binder allows your novel or other work to be professional-ready and shipped to you or your reader. Our products include softcover bindings, spiral/wire and ring bindings as well as gang stitching. For more information on these types of bindings, see the Bindings page.

For more information on a specific kind of print, e.g. leaflets, flyer, poster or Ph. D. print, please visit our products area.

PUR Perfect Bound Book Publishing UK

When your documents are too thick to be sewn or sewn, adhesive-bound letterpress is the ideal choice. Only PUR adhesive is used to perfectly bond our textbooks, as it is much thicker than old-fashioned melting adhesive. We can help you, whether you publish a best-seller, create a high gloss handbook or distribute your business year.

There is a large selection of papers and finishings, optionally with mat or glossy cover. Available in A4 vertical, 1/3 A4 vertical, A5 vertical or horizontal or 210 x 210mm area. The glossy laminate ensures a higher degree of glossy surface than the glossy board.

Take a look at our PUR bond option list and keep in mind we also have a full set of next days free to next days expedited shipping so you can order your PUR back-pack.

Printing Your Own Book - Book Printing Services | #WeHelpAuthors

Once you have your print-ready books, you can have as many prints of your books as you want. You can do this additionally or instead of print-on-demand deployment. There is nothing like having a fresh copy of your new work in your hand once your completed script is complete.

Whilst e-books are a very efficient way to bring your work to a large audience at low costs, many writers also want to have the opportunity to offer their clients a hard copy of their work. Type & Tell gives you the opportunity to use our Print on Demand print shop to sell your work.

Booksellers around the globe will be able to individually produce prints of a single copy of a product when ordered by a customer using Printed on Demand printing on-demand. You may, however, plan to resell your printed publication on your own, in addition to e-book and point-of-sale purchases. It can be useful if you want to publish a few works for yourself and market or resell them separately without having to go to a dealer.

Personalised editions are also perfect if you have made your books especially for your company, your loved ones or your families. As soon as you have your printed books, we can produce as many prints as you like, in as many lots as you like.

Type & Tell's products are digitalized to the highest industrial standard so you can choose from a selection of high value sizes and media. Large volume production of your own copy is a very practical solution if you have a fairly clear understanding of how many you want to use.

In addition to the ability to choose a certain amount of inventory, large editions also allow lower piece count and lower shipping charges than point of sale publication, saving you time. Circulation fees may depend on various different conditions.

Your total circulation can be influenced by the following elements, among others: Quantity of ordered titles - large volume production of your own publication is a gradual improvement factor. So the more photocopies you order in one edition, the less each single copy costs and the higher your margins can be.

Your length - higher-page volumes are more expensive per page than short volumes, with a graduated gamut based on the number of pages. Printer size and kind of use - certain page sizes and kinds of papers can enhance the overall appearance of your text, but you need to consider the additional impact of use.

Shipment charges - Shipment charges will be added to your order. Delivery charges vary depending on how many copies you order. We will always give you a fixed rate for postage and packing before we complete the work. With our on-line printer calculation you can simply assess the estimated production run expenses.

For large editions of 100 or more, we are offering rising quantity rebates. As a result, mass production is a cost-effective alternative for writers who want to publish their books themselves. Like always at Type & Tell, you get 100% of the profit your books generate and you have the liberty to choose exactly how your books are released and shared.

Any number of editions can be ordered; these can be large or small orders. It' also up to you whether you are relying exclusively on our exclusive sales service or whether you also profit from our global sales net when it comes to the sale of point-of-sale literature and e-books. Contact our seasoned staff today if you have any queries about ordering an edition or how we can help you distribute your circulation.

"because her life contains many histories. Throughout the whole trial, I have been very kind to my work and I can't expect my work to be available to everyone." Your on-line books editor makes it very simple to turn your Word document into a public publication and the edit is a master!

The best of everything is that it makes good-reading and good-looking books."

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