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Type & Tell gives you the opportunity to use our Print on Demand technology to sell your book through an online retailer. In the subway stations Amazon is planning to test online shopping cupboards in the multi-storey car parks. Our work is world-class with a long and successful history of letterpress printing and special binding. This is how Google transformed its millions of books into an online library of the future. Test us now - give us your current price and specification and we will do our best to beat it.


Our handmade adhesive binder allows your novel or other work to be professional-ready and shipped to you or your reader. Our products include softcover bindings, spiral/wire and ring bindings as well as gang stitching. For more information on these types of bindings, see the Bindings page.

For more information on a specific kind of print, e.g. leaflets, flyer, poster or Ph. D. print, please visit our products area.

PUR Perfect Bound Book Publishing UK

When your documents are too thick to be sewn or sewn, adhesive-bound letterpress is the ideal choice. Only PUR adhesive is used to perfectly bond our textbooks, as it is much thicker than old-fashioned melting adhesive. We can help you, whether you publish a best-seller, create a high gloss handbook or distribute your business year.

There is a large selection of papers and finishings, optionally with mat or glossy cover. Available in A4 vertical, 1/3 A4 vertical, A5 vertical or horizontal or 210 x 210mm area. The glossy laminate ensures a higher degree of glossy surface than the glossy board.

Take a look at our PUR bond option list and keep in mind we also have a full set of next days free to next days expedited shipping so you can order your PUR back-pack.

Brochure print from 15.00 pounds per square inch Shipping 24hrr

When your paper is too thick to be tacked, PUR booklet publishing is the best choice. Twist-wrapped or spirally wrapped is great for your presentation, notebook, recipe guide, manual and other use. This is especially useful if you want the roll-bound paper to rest on its side or if you want it to unfold itself.

This is a no-nonsense stack of prints. Take advantage of our simple on-line ordering procedure with a great selection of papermaking and finishing methods to produce your high value added hard copy album. We are one of the world' s premier publishers of self-adhesive brochures and have recently added A6 brochures to our portfolio.

Brochure binding formats start at 1/3 A4 and A3. Whatever your choice, you can be sure that our brochure printer services will work. Only HP Indigo machines are used, which are the best in the market.

We also only produce booklets on high-quality papers. One of our most favourite books for small and large companies is still the hard-copy one. Request an immediate offer and order your brochure on-line. It is really simple to track the quotation and order processes, so you can quickly review all your choices and order your order quickly.

You can then unwind while we run your brochures and ship them where and when you need them. Satisfied clients in their tens of thousands! It'?s all there!

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