Print your Book for free

You can print your book for free

When you still crave the feeling of a real printed book in your hands. Printing books and brochures made easy with free online tools. Easy-to-use word templates for designing your book. So should you publish your book as a printed book or e-book? With Writing Life you can publish your book for free in e-book format.

Here's why I don't approve of him anyway.

Quickly get the e-book out, make sure it is sold and leaves room to fix straying spelling mistakes or ambiguous transits (edit/add subject to readers feedbacks and conclusions. If so, make a very beautiful, flawless print book if you are sure you never need to make any changes). Over-investment in a first book until you have checked the open markets a little is also in line with my position on not over-investment.

I' VE HEARD THE ARGUMENT is often handed around by some independent writers that for these purposes you have to print out your book before you do it: "I'VE HARD THE ARGUMENT": Making the print book available makes you more professionally and trustworthily - it must be good if you spend the effort and expense to create a print it.

The print book gives the Kindle book a psychologic push through the crossed-out printing surcharge. As an example I show David Gaughran's book about the Amazon, since I listened to him talking about it a great many times. $4. 99 may seem like much for an e-book; but married next to $14. 95 it seems like a good deal. 9.

{\And his ledgers are fantastic, you should look at them. He is an accomplished author, with an incumbent fan base and fan base that knows a great deal about book designing and producing, and making a print book is probably no biggie for him. There is a good opportunity that his book will be sold enough to pay for the return on your investments, so it is the right step in his area.

That'?s your first book. Not many people are interested in the book and you are not sure how to sell it. They do not have a professionally designed covers and are not sure if you want to try to do everything yourself or employ someone. The same applies to book formats. When paying a specialist, a full envelope and book reformatting probably costs about $500.

When you do it yourself, you will have to study MS Word editing, which is painful for you, so you will be spending a few months, but then you will somehow get it and it will look good. If so, you will need to use the Createspace or Lulu artwork designing tools to create a full artwork, and it won't look very good.

Let's say you're going to let the $500 issue and someone else create your book for you (this assumes you already have an ebook/front book but I' ll come back to that). You could buy a print book for every 10 e-books you sold. I' m selling about 400 e-books a month now ('not much, I know, but I' m waiting a pair month and I'm breaking 1000).

I make about $1 an e-book, that's $400. I' m selling less printed book, but they make more cash, probably about $4 a book. And, actually, 1 in 10 is a high valuation, I'm usually at about 1 in 40 - or 10 print products a month for those 400 ecbooks I was selling.

Here, for example, is my book on book market. Thus having the print book available might drive more e-book sales, but the print book only makes $40 a month, so it takes almost exactly one year to repurchase the $500 home. I' ll probably make print for my more mostly read headlines, because it won't cost me much trouble and money and it might work to increase my sale.

That camouflage of yours could be nasty. When you do the e-book and print your book at the same press, you will find out much, much later. First, put them on Amazon, then emails folks who try to win pullout and conclusions, but find that nobody wants any versions of the book.

When you only ad text and click and then try to ad with the artwork, or just plain artwork, and they don't click, you have an unsightly comic. When you start the e-book first, you can find out that your coverage is unsightly and get a new one. Paid $500 for a better e-book coverage is much more precious than using an uglier e-book coverage and paid $500 to get the same coverage turned into a print book.

Their print format may be shabby. When you do it yourself or format it cheaply, especially if the inside typefaces do not fit the book covers, your book will look non-professional. When they click on "Look Inside" and see unsightly formats, even if the e-book and print covers look good, they can't buy, in this case it's better not to have a print book and just go with the e-book.

E-book reformatting is easier to get because it is very simple and simple, with nothing fantasy, and it is OK if the typefaces do not come with the covers. You' ve probably got a book nobody wants. They may have authored a book without a fair. Or, you may have been writing a poor book (that's all right, we all do it - but you have to add 10 more before you're good enough to make money).

For each of these cases, issuing a print copy for $500 is a wastage. When no one buys the e-book at all, no one will buy the printed book. When you have completely no promotional hopper, no website, no online exposure, there is the very realistic chance that even if you do everything right and make a nicely done e-book and print book with an astonishing storyline in a beloved category that would really make folks really savor, your book will still go undetected.

Amazon has billions of items. When no one buys your book and you don't tell them about your book, no one will find it. They need to get to the top of the free and charged list for exposure before it can take off. So, to spend $500 on a BookBub promotional event, book marketin' event or blogs is worth more than to pay for a printed book.

{\Likely a poor notion to get a website if you don't know what to do with it, it won't be selling a book unless you use it right and put a great deal of contents in it - and that will take a while. Yeah, it's very, very precious for book marking, but it won't help if you don't have a good thing that folks want, or you're not able to persuade them that they want it).

Finally, the addition of a printed book can enhance the conversion when users are on your Amazon page. Most important will be the bookback. You' ve got to get her to want the book first. Such price issues are not relevant for most independent writers, as their Amazon site (book covers+sales copy+reviews) is not powerful enough to get the reader to buy the book.

Post an e-book and increase your target-oriented visitor volume, either with blogs, Facebook advertisements or visitor contributions. Browse to the right kind of people on your Amazon site and see if they buy. Attach the diffuser. When no one will buy your book (maybe because you don't have reviews), try giving it away for free.

Mm-hmm. But, group don't filming it day for area if it has an unpleasant defender and no document. You need to find five or ten right away before you begin your commercialization. When you give it away for free and let folks download it AND some of them write good reports, then you can stuff up.

STEP THREE: Now that everything is quite good, hopefully, begin with publicity or a little more market. Make some more publicity and publicity. When this works, you' ll have to sit and buy 500 pieces (and make $500) and then print it out. However...even then, I think the $500 would be better used for more more marketing.

The addition of a printed book alone will not really enhance your placement or your exposure. I don't actually do advertising for my specialised non-fiction because I' m already number 1 in my class - but the audience just isn't big enough. An enormous boost in advertising would not lead to virus proliferation, things would just settle down quite a bit where they are now.

Usually, for the sake of folksy stories (I'm just a YA novelist) I wouldn't be lucky to get 5 or 10 a days sales, and then add a print book and maybe climb up to 10 or 20. I' m here to $1 million. This kind of expansion is not achieved by the addition of a printover.

It' is achieved through a great coverage designed, a great book and an incredibly focused awareness drive that is reaching hundreds of millions of people, as well as several months of well scheduled coverage, advertising and strategy partnerships. When I get enough sale, an agency or editor will pick me up and you can take care of the production of the book.

When I' m not succeeding, the book wasn't good enough and a printed book won't make the big deal of a big deal of a difference. I can only try once more to compose a better book. I think the print book is the award for giving a good product after it has proved itself in the market.

PS ) Your authors website is similar: If you have a book, an authors website will do nothing for you. Their authoring site is great to increase the number of fans, so you can create more titles, but only if they actually buy your work! One website alone does not buy a book unless you have a lot of great stuff - news bring new audiences who can buy your work.

When you have a book that doesn't sell, it doesn't help to create a website (at least until you've posted 100+blog items that will actually find and read and your website isn't nasty or difficult to navigate). Do not use a website, or not use a printed book, not prevent your e-book from becoming successfully SMASHING.

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