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In the example below, the printing price and cost of a paperback book is compared to a hardcover book. Produce high-quality paperback or hardcover books for friends & family, business, book fans, potential readers & reviewers and yourself at B&N Press. You literally have the verified copy of the manuscript. Once you have your print-ready book files, you can print as many copies of your book as you want. Offset printing usually takes six to eight weeks from the beginning (registration and provision of files) to the end (holding the book in your hands).


In the example below, the cost of a pocket book is compared to a hardback book. Circulation is 300 copies. With a book format of 5.5 x 8.5 inch and a 66-page book format, 62 pages are produced in full-color inks.

The inside pages of the book are made of 50# standard white printing stock. Every book sleeve is silk-screened in bright colours and laminated with a specially designed glossy foil. Paperbacks contain 10 pt C1S (1 page coated) envelope pap. Whilst hardcovers are stuck over a thick, stiff plank.

Compile your own book pricing on-line with our immediate quote processor and find out how much it takes to print your book. We reduce our per book prices with the number of titles you print. A lot of self-publishers and publisher print small runs of 250-500 copies, because this will save storage and give them the per book prices they need for high profit.

Every publishing house has different needs and we always give you full oversight over your bookprint costs. Paperbacks, also called softcovers, are the cheapest way to print your book. The pages of the book are machined, grooved and sanded to achieve the best possible adhesion. The paperbacks are made with a low temp hot melt glue that has excellent adhesion properties for the highest possible firmness and durability.

Hardcovers are sometimes referred to as hardcovers and are highly durable. What's more, they are also known as hardcovers. In addition, the book pages are machined, grooved and sanded to achieve maximal saturation. Your pages remain in place and turn over easily with our hard cover book. You can use our FREE immediate costs computer below for your best book print rate on-line.

See how much it is to print a soft cover book with a hard cover-book. Saving money with our many individual letterpress print solutions. If you need your print under $2.00 per piece - no problemat. Immediately the pocket computer shows you your book print prices. Select different grades of papers..... connect colour pages and see the charges.... try mat laminating.... get the charge for using laminated papers.... maybe a different book format.... maybe even more pages to your book.

Use our estimator to find out how each of these options affects your book printpricing. In this way you can always come under your print budgets.

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