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Your books can be printed, bound and distributed in any format and run length. EmbroiderBook design and color, or add your own logo for the personal touch. Have you ever dreamed of seeing your own book in print? Since I pay for your service, you now own all my paintings. Her prints, beautifully printed on acid-free canvas, expertly wrapped around a pine wood frame, are delivered ready to hang.

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Do you want to publish your novel, publish a cooking textbook to present to your relations, or put your out-of-print textbook back into use? There is no difference between bibliographically related, adhesive-bound, acid-free paperback titles and those of large publishers. Monochrome interior can be imprinted on light ivory or creme coloured papers.

The envelopes are produced in vivid full colour and can be lacquered either matt or silk matt. Printing them the way you need them. Authors retain all copyrights to the works and full responsibility for layouts, contents and designs. Authors set the prices for the work. Deliver us print-ready PDF files and we reprint the text!

Pre-printed means that once you have finished your letter, edit, design and layouts, you hand over your books to us and the formatting is done according to our submission guidelines. Would you like to talk about your own artwork or have your data checked by our team? You must get in touch with us to make an interview with our dedicated team!

See the epic print production experience in real time! Paige at least Paige books trailers! View an introduction to the 2008 On Demand Books espresso booking engine. You have to send two PDF files: one for the block (the inside of the book) and one for the album.

They must have the right and/or permit to use the contents or pictures contained in your text. This block of books is made up of your inner pages. Printing is in monochrome. Specify your page number: The 300-page manual uses only 150 sheets of front and back side printing.

If you are considering empty pages, devotions, about the authors' pages, etc., keep in mind to consider each hard copy as 2 pages in your definitive work. Your envelope is the back + back + front of your notebook, laid out as a single page (a 17 "x11" horizontal rectangle).

It is not possible to overprint on the inside of the front or back side. Coverage requirements: You need to know your back width before you design your sleeve. In order to compute this, you need the number of pages (front, back and core) and the PPI (pages per inch). For calculating the width of the spine: Note: The number of pages here relates to the two-page number of pages you use when describing the length of your text.

Be sure to add all front, back and empty pages to your page number. Note that the correct trimming amount for your eBook will depend on the number of pages and your back width. If you have more pages, your back width will increase and your entire bleed will need to be smaller for the correct printing of the artwork on the 17" x 11" page.

Covering jig example: You have to provide your own picture for the artwork. The picture in the pattern artwork is only displayed for placing. Do not save a file after printing. We store your books on our server for an indefinite period of time. We store your books on our server for an indefinite period of time.

We store your books on our server for an indefinite period of time. Once the first page is created, each eBook is priced per page: $7 for the first 40 pages + $03 for each more. If you are submitting a review, give us a whole new bunch of data for your work.

The system processes new data as complete new one-offs. All charges are liable to vary and all Print on demand orders must be prepaid. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Print on demand manager directly if you have any queries or would like to make an appointement.

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