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We have added a detailed guide for those who want to print their book for the first time. You just promised yourself you'd write a book? A book that is out of print is a book that is no longer published. When does it take to print a book? A & A Printing Self Publishing Manual.

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Perhaps you just want to print a copy to see how good our print is? Perhaps you just want to know how good it is to have your own book in your hand? Perhaps you only want one copy as a gift? What ever the need is to print a copy of your book is not only a way, it is an unbelievably simple and - thanks to this particular deal - an unbelievably inexpensive one.

Every cut and every cover....full-color inside...whatever. There' s only $19 to see your book in splendid print. It' also really nice and straightforward to do. Simply use our basic on-line ordering application to choose your bleed sizes, number of pages, bind options, etc. Her book will go into print today.

Text Format and artwork are available at an extra charge, but are not part of this $19 promotion. For more information on how to set up and submit your file for print, please feel free to load down our instructions for preparing your file for book print as a PDF. Orders must be placed on-line through our website to be eligible for this promotion.

The experience of a small series of printed works

I recently noticed that I want to print a small edition (15 copies) of a book. To approach this topic I knew what I wanted: a plain, old-fashioned book with.... in it: letters: One thing I didn't have a very big view of was the front page, although I knew I didn't like the covers (they're threadbare and kind of rough).

To find a print shop that would allow you to get a small print run of 15 prints, preceding 1-copy proofing, relatively cheap. Some others I heard about were too costly (Lightning Press, Infinity Publishing, Best Book Printing), just offering paperbacks (CreateSpace), or seemed awkward (Lightningource needed a new bankroll to get manual approval!?) If there are more that match the bill, please let me know.

I' ve ordered a copy of the book from each of the four agencies. The print rates were as follows (per copy, excl. VAT and shipping): BookBaby: Notice: BookBaby does not allow you to receive 2-24 prints, only one or 25+. Lulu: The Nook Press: One copy: $8.50. Ship to California in terms of timing and cost:

3-5 workdays for print (I think..... I closed it), supply option of economics for $3. 99, to one date for $21.99. BookBaby: 7 working day for print, shipping option from Economics for $15. 49, to next date for an incredible $56.90. Lulu: 3-5 workingdays for print, 2-6 workingday delivery from post for $4.99, 1 working night for $39.99.

The Nook Press: for $5 for 3 working day, for $20.50 for $5. 50, up to 2-3 working day. Nook Press is clearly the quickest and least costly at the same it is. Worse: BookBaby is the slower and most costly (both print and postage). The book format can be 6"×9" or 5"×8".

There is no need for a book cover. You can select a less expensive hardback without a book dust wrapper (but with any color picture you like.). BookBaby: 24-1,000 pages. The book can be 6"×9", but also 5½"×8½" and even 4¼"x6¾". There is a lower -priced hardback without a book dust wrapper. Lulu: 24-800 pages. There are six colors of the cloth cover: dark grey, brown, red, grey, brown, red as well as white.

Wrapper can be glossy or matt, and you can stamp back text in either golden, blank or matt. Or you can order a less expensive hard cover without a book cover, but it's only available in pure blank (and unexplainably no creme coloured papers as an option). The Nook Press:

The book can be 6"×9", but also 5½"×8½". There is no need for a book cover. You can select a less expensive hard cover without a book cover (but with any color picture on it). The Lulu is colored in jackets, but cannot be smaller than 6"×9". The BookBaby has more formats and printing choices and is the only color printing solution.

Lulu came second, I was very pleased with BookBaby. They both look like prints. Both Blurb and Nook Press are ( and may be?) like inkjets to them. They are not evil per se, but they also have no good feelings for a proper book. Investigating the archiving qualities of papers and printing ink, I got the following answers:

The Blurb has a beautiful shiny booklet with beautiful printability. This upholstery is a classical, ascetical, darkgrey canvas. Lulu's book wrapper felt pretty discarded, imprinted on something that looks like normal stationery. The canvas binding does feel good, however, with a one-of-a-kind way of imprinting text on the back (uneven, cute).

I didn't bring the bookcase-bag with me for Nook Press. It felt good to print the book covers. It is not shiny, but not matt either. but they' re just difficult to match. A number of the sites are more focused on print and sales, others only allow print on request for your own use.

To print and sell needs bar codes and ISBNs, and they need to appear somewhere in the book. The ISBN is necessary for all book work. It' imprinted on the back of the envelope and on the last page of the book. BookBaby: Iulu: Lulu: There is no bar code in the book; no bar code on the envelope when using the Custom/advanced jackets options.

The Nook Press: ISBN is also necessary if you print for your own use. There is a small bar code imprinted on the envelope and on the last page of the book. Both Lulu and BookBaby allow you to jump over bar codes. Worse: Blurb and Nook Press don't allow it to be skipped, and both are somehow unbearable.

Neither of the four ministries stuck the front page right on the front page. It seemed the most durable for Blurb and BookBaby, but I'm not an authority. For BookBaby, however, the book wrapper had a kink and a noticeable adhesive stitching on the opening page - not was a great first experience.

It also makes uncomfortable, strange noises when you move it with your hands. Baddest: BookBaby (although this was only a datapoint). You' ll receive approval for downloading proofs so you can see exactly what you want to print. BookBaby: You' ll get free print proofs, with beautiful zone overlay.

Lulu: We will send you printed galley proofs for approval. The Nook Press: Get print-ready reviews in your web browsers (with useful cover instructions) or even get them for you. All right, Nook Press, put your hand down. Lulu. With BookBaby, there was a little back and forth about copyrights. Not everything was wrong, but it postponed the job for a few extra working day, mainly because of the bewildering e-mail notices.

It took Lulu the longest to reply to my request for archive papers. But I didn't want to make any compromises on print qualitiy, which means Blurb and Nook Press were gone and Lulu and BookBaby stayed in the race. Lulu and BookBaby both allow you to jump over bar codes, which is a coincident.

The Lulu is much less expensive and quicker than BookBaby. I also need to print at least 25 books for BookBaby, which increases the cost even more. Then it'?s Lulu! I would like Lulu to allow for smaller book sizes that give a bit more pocket and intimacy; it's the only facility that doesn't, so I suppose that's my unluck.

Hopefully my above comparison will help you find out which print services make the best use of. And it' s also quite exceptional that you can order even a copy of a book you have just created on your computer for little cost. There is nothing better than to see your work on print?-?or and give it to someone.

Would you please make the print better and include more color choices? BookBaby: I' d love a cloth overlay. Lulu: Recruit Nook Press design and front-end engineering staff. The Nook Press: A better print qualitiy would be desirable, maybe even as an optional extra?

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