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Composite e-commerce, print-on-demand, order processing and delivery for publishers and authors. The hardcover books we print on high quality coated paper, in a variety of weights and finishes. Press printing is better than print-on-demand. I will come to this in the next section under Print-on-Demand. Our work in the self-publishing and print book market is characterised by the quality and cost-effectiveness of our work.

Paper Hardcover Printing | Print Hardcover Books On Demand

Do you need a hardcover hardcopy of your work? From a hardcover novel, cookery textbook, annual, children's or any other type of books, you can now turn your publication dreams into a hardcover issue in retail-style. In addition, we print hardcover books in small quantities, our order volume is 24 books or more.

Check out our hardcover pricing by using our Instant Quote Calculator. Hardcover bindings are available in three different colours: We are very proud to produce books for self-publishers. Throughout the entire print production chain, we carry out comprehensive controls to ensure that we surpass our customers' requirements. Letterpress hardcover is simple and cost-effective.

Every covers is imprinted on 100# glossy text and then either glossy or matt laminat. After lamination, we stick the binding to . 088" thick bookshelves to make the sleeve of the album. As the outer sleeve is made, we tie your books perfect with either plain or plain end sheets (the end sheets are used to connect the inside of the books to the hardcover of the book).

Once the inside of the cover has been cut to the finished format, we stick the outer cover onto the inside text. Is a hardcover-bookbinding? Hardback books are first perfectly hardcovered with an empty end page and then cut to the end format.

Adhered to a 088" thick blackboard, the outside binding of the volume is covered with fabric, hide or a print bound sheets (typically referred to as cardboard packaging). The Dust Jackets are a removable exterior sleeve made of hard copy for an individual look. Film embossing is a method of attaching a golden or sterling iron film to a fabric, hide or dust jacket with a post.

Film embossing is mainly used for fabric envelopes to place titles and authors' names on the front and back of the album. Used mainly on protective envelopes to give the jacket a high-quality finishing. Is Smyth Sevn Binding? The books are stitched together on an industry sewer to keep the pages together.

It is a further hardcover link and can only be done if the eBook is signed. Endsheets (also known as end sheets) are used as incorrect covers for hardback books. The end pages are stuck to the inner pages of the books and then stuck to the inside of the outside sleeve of the album.

End pages are a thick-sized piece of cardboard that attaches the text to the outer sleeve with adhesive. The end leaves are either plain or plain and are not printed. End tapes are multi-coloured tapes on the top and bottom of the spines. End tapes are only used for decorative purposes and do not provide any extra features to the work.

End tapes are usually used for reference works and some sacred books. Which is the minimal quantity of hardcover books I can order? We have a 24 books order quantity. May I get evidence of my printed work? How long does it take to process my hardcover books? We have a 10 working day hardcover manufacturing and delivery period.

Which is the minimal number of pages I can have for hardcover books? Minimal number of pages will depend on the type of sheet of paper used for the inside pages of your book: Case wrap is applied to 100# full-color glossy text and then either glossy or matt laminating is applied to secure the envelope.

Which are the layouts for my hardcover album? Please send us a pdf-file of your covers & a seperate pdf-file for the inside pages. The page must be the same page number as the bleed of the ordered work. How big can I print the hardcover album? It is only in vertical format.

Yes, but you must place a single order for each commitment type. It is not possible to apply both kinds of bindings to the same order, as the bindings are very different and require different configurations and set-up time. Call us if you have any queries about our offers: 1-877-944-7844 Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 EST.

"I' m going to send you an e-mail last Friday to let you know that I got the books on Thursday, but I never had a shot. These books are gorgeous! "I just wanted you to know how happy we are with the books. It is of outstanding print and looks great.

I' m seeing some things I would have liked to have done differently, but the print is of the highest possible standard. Many thanks for your leniency during this trial. "The books have been delivered in good order. "I have just recieved my copy of your company's work. Setting up the print was very simple because you provided me with all the necessary utilities.

It is of almost impeccable workmanship, and the print and dispatch process was very quick. My eyelashes are tearful when I look at the books. "I just wanted to thank all the employees for the good work you've done with my work. It' turned out so beautiful, much more than I ever thought it would.

" "A few nights ago I got my books and I was thrilled! Congratulations to you and the printing team."

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