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A copy or several copies? Wide-label, print-on-demand drop shipment for individually printed and embroidered products. The products are printed and sent directly to the customer's home. Headquartered in the UK, we are a print on demand company. We have T-shirts, sweatshirts, mobile phone bags, mugs, coasters, wallets and more.

Launch a T-shirt store with drop-shipping

When you are considering setting up your own apparel line, a label or a T-shirt store, then you are certainly in the right place: our staff is not only there for you, but helps you every stage of your journey to prosper. Inkthreadable's high qualitiy and quick handling will help you to create your own label if you are already firmly entrenched or simply looking for a mail order company for the British or Continental marketplace.

You can find all available fares and pricing in our catalog. Many years of ink threadable expertise in the T-shirt print industries will turn your fantasy into a tangible one. When you' re interested in designs, personalised T-shirts, individual apparel and the apparel industries and are willing to build a loyalty for your clients, we'll get along very well.

Take our delivery method for your order and you will see two things: It is easy and it works. Creating a T-shirt may have been uniquely costly when the start-ups had to choose how many items to buy from which design, along with the distribution of size they thought they would be selling, but things have been changing.

This route handling removes the need for print, the greatest cost hazard in a T-shirt store. Dropshipment means that the product is delivered directly from the vendor to the client. There is no need to keep the supply yourself, and in the case of a T-shirt droplet shipment this means that you can have individual items imprinted when they are ordered:

We edit the order and reprint your product. However, it is about more than just cutting costs when ordering large series of your product. Market your product to the clients you want to contact. Update and optimize your shop or integrate it into our fulfillment service. Create new and redesigned items to win new clients or sell current ones.

Search for dealers and resellers to raise awareness of the company.

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