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High quality hardcover children's book printing at low unit prices. The best choice for HARDCOVER kids....


They are the most cost-effective for hardcover color book per cartridge and for global on-line sales. But it only takes $105 in set-up and proofing and if you need to make changes, it's another $40 per PDF plus $30 for each new copy.

They don't bill as many (or any) set-up fee from what I've seen on Lulu's website because their printing is much more expensive (about twice or three times the printing fee of Lightning Source). When it comes to children's books, it' a tough choice because consumers want a lower priced children's book, while by its very nature it has to be more expensive to produce.

But the up-front costs are much higher because you have to print in editions of several thousand prints to get the lower costs per copy; e-publishing the children's books could be a good way to test the copy and when your books become widespread, look at either a print run and conventional or the POD with Lightning Source, in the knowledge that you can recover the set-up costs for it.

Children's picture books are possible with Print-On-Demand

You know the first goddamn thing you did when you first dipped in a ledger? They were probably just a little kid who explored the world of the lush hams and balls, said good night to the balloon and mouth and rummaged on that little motor that could. The print on demand technique makes it possible to successfully publicize a children's textbook and make it available at a low cost.

Even with the growing appeal of eBooks with solid layouts, you have another outlet to achieve the history of your kids. As soon as you have made your history, your first propensity may be to engage an illustrator-after a while! To make this important choice, you need to consider the following to make a schedule for your book:

How big should your textbook be? Are these sizes available as an industrial norm through print-on-demand? Which kind of illustration would you like? NOTE: Take a journey to your favorite bookstore and see what kind of illustration you like. 3D computerised picture of Shimmer the Glowworm Finds Her Glow by Shelby Herman, illuminated by Natalie Kelly.

The Daytime Owl by Stephen Myers and David Le Batard. Would you like the illustration to fill one page and have the text on the opposite page, fill a two-page with the text above the illustration, or just set small intonations?

Would you like your artwork to reach to the side of the page or just to the side? Do you need many pictures for your history? NOTE: Divide your history into sections, preferable into similar length sections. There are certain print on demand dimensions that are not available, so make sure that your on-demand printers are of an industry-standard format before making a decision.

TIP: If you are considering having your children's picture books only as eBooks, we suggest that you prepare your illustration for printing. It' simple to take print artwork from print to ebook shape, but it is hard to print artwork from ebook shape. Well, now that you have an understanding of what kind of illustration you want, the next thing to do is find an illustrator that meets your needs.

An illustration in a children's textbook is obviously important. Are photos going to show your history in any way? With the help of Photoshop software you can transform photos into different types of illustration. Borek photographed footage in Colonial Williamsburg and other historical places to show photos for her Amanda's Secret work.

The books Eco in the Garden and Barefoot Nylah by Linda Oberlin are great samples of how she presents her history in pen. Pictures for illustration in Amanda's Secret by Jami Borek. Paperbound illustration in Linda Oberlin's Eco in the Garden. The number of pictures. Sizes and printing specification. Even if the pictures are to fill an entire page, your printers usually need a cropping area of 1/8?.

If you want to release a 8.5×8 format work. If you want each image to be distributed on two pages, the illustrated image must be sent to 8. 75? in the amount of 17. These include the page sizes and the trim quantity. Recent pictures. If it uses conventional techniques, will the illuminator be able to read the pictures with sufficient resolutions (at least 300 dots per inch at the real dimensions of the books plus bleedings) to use them for print, or will it make the pictures available and you will have to have them read?

When they use a computer to show, in what formats will they deliver the work? Whenever possible, we would like to see images in vector/Eps-images. If the images are rastered, however, we recommend a TIFF-files. So how long does it take for the artwork to be ready? TIP: If you intend to use artwork that fills out a two-page cover, make sure that your decorator knows the "gutter" or the inside of the album.

They can work with you to make sure they're the right-sized, resolved, and in the right formats for your books so you don't have a catch! You already have artwork, but you are not sure if it is suited for printing? Just submit a few for evaluation and we can suggest which booksize and what formats are best suited for your work.

We recently finished a work for Stephen Myers, a first writer written by Jamie Wolfe, writer of Start Over! We have Stephen's history and illustration. All he needed was help designing the storyline with the art work, making a sleeve and conversion to eBooks.

They are astonishing to see! It was not easily scalable in terms of measurements, so it was not in an industrial-strength format for print-on-demand. We' ve worked with Stephen to find a way to turn the nice illustration and history into a pocketbook, hardback and eBook format. 5 × 11 with complete images over two pages (with background) and text in dots.

5 × 11 with complete images on two pages (with the edge of one of the illusions faded) and text in "empty space" with a cloudy effect behind the text. When you' ve created your artwork, it's a good idea to design the text with the words and make your artwork. We' ll take your texts and illustration and offer you different ideas.

As soon as you have accepted a plan, we start preparing your complete work. Once authorized, we can turn your eBook into a solidly laid out eBook that you can sell at Apple's iBooks and Amazon's Kindle Stores. You can provide both a hard cover and a hardback for the print.

There are four different colour print modes, which differ in print resolution and media. When you have a limited budgets, you can use CreateSpace, where you get an ISBN and don't have to pay a setup fees. Have a look at the children's books we have made in our product range or take a look at our children's books-designservice.

There is also a full children's photo volume pack that comes with the interiors, artwork and eBook with a hard copy for $425. I' ve decided that my life's work is to create books. Cause we should be loving what we do, and I really enjoy creating books!

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