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On-demand printing and book distribution service means that we only print a book when a retailer or wholesaler orders it. And Canon is the perfect partner to leverage digital business models for the publishing market. Small print runs, life cycle management, print-on-demand and more. This is very true in the developing world of book publishing. You can print digital files from all popular text and desktop publishing programs.

BooksVault on request

Our print on demand models are available for color and monographic and magazine publishing in a variety of binding types and types of papers. BookingVault is a fast, user-friendly web site for publishing houses that allows you to order and print your work on-demand. In just a few mnutes you can load your title and orders directly into our print ordering system in order to follow them through to shipment.

This enables publishing houses to share data and place orders through a secured online electronic archive. Administering your online stock has never been so easy! BuchVault is essentially a vast electronic collection of your books that you can manage when you need printing for you.

It has the advantage that you only have to load your song once and only once, and it is available and wait whenever you need a copy. Where can BookVault work? By making the order processing fast and simple, we eliminate the administrative burden and give you visibility when ordering print work. From now on we are offering retail orders through select on-line dealers and wholesale dealers in the USA and Great Britain for publishing houses of all scales.

Print-on-demand, short runs & offset printing.

What is the right way for me? We' ll be pleased to help you decide which of our technologies is best for your projects and we' ll provide you with samples and supplies so that we can fulfil your requirements. They are not published until an order has been placed that allows them to print a book once.

On-demand book production can also be an excellent way to get an out-of-print book back into print. Currently we are building a Print to Demand book division. Printed2Demand are short-run letterpress printers that provide the same choice of media and finishing you would want from off-set inks.

This is very time-consuming because the print plate is needed to copy a colored picture onto the sheet (in the case of direct print, a print-ready PDF is sent directly to the printer after imposition).

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