Print my own Book

To print my own book

Are you curious about the cost of printing a book? Choose from paperback, hardcover or e-book. Because I think you should have a printed book. Nothing beats the feeling of having a freshly printed copy of your new book in your hands when your finished manuscript is complete. To ensure that your printed book has the quality of a bookstore, we offer free advice.

Printing a book

You wonder how you can have your own textbook published? Interested in the costs of producing a print? What does it costs to print a hardcover print? the costs of a paperback printThe costs of a hardcover printHow long does it take to print my work?

Your printing processes are dependent on your intentions. Are the books for your own use ( "for yourself" or for your boyfriends and family)? And if so, you don't have to worry so much about things like a professional design of your covers or adding an ISBN number and a bar code.

But if your eBook has a business function and you are planning to sell it, you need to do some more work. What does it take to print a work? Costs for the print of a textbook are influenced by the following variables: Please note: Tailor-made pricing can be found with our on-line pricing review utility (select Hardback or Paperback to view prices).

Since we do not have a minimal order amount for our products, we suggest that you print a specimen copy. Specification for all cost of pocket size paperbacks is as follows: Specification for all hardcover letterpress example cost is as follows: What is the time it takes to print my work?

What should I do to make my printable? PDF is our prefered data medium and your text should preferably be in a one-page layout, with page 1 as the front and the last page as the back covers. When you''d rather work with more than one folder (e.g. one for each chapter), log in to a shared folder and take advantage of the ability to share and print more than one folder.

Inside pages and the envelope should all be created as single pages, not as two. It is recommended that your files be adjusted to fit the printout measurements of your books, as this will avoid viewing problems due to magnification or shrinkage during printout. For example, if you want to reprint your eBook in your favorite format, select it.

In this way, a better results is achieved than when reducing an A4 data set to an A4 log. Allow at least 7 mm of space to avoid the contents of the back of the books being "lost". You can use our design tool to customize or design your covers and spines.

To learn more about using our cover design tool, click here. You' re willing to print your story? Search no further than our on-line letterpress print services - perfect for small print runs of hardcover or paperbacks.

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