Print my own Book

To print my own book

We at Lakemac Print can help you. She had her book published and printed within a year! Inexpensive is to create PDF/ePub/BBeB files to distribute, whether you sell them or email them, and allow people to print their own copies. With today's advanced digital letterpress technology, you can easily print your own books with software already installed on your computer. Create a dust jacket for your hardcover or even a softcover book.

Letterpress Printer Prints Your Own Book from 1 Pieces

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Cellophaning is the process of depositing a wafer-thin foil on the printed part. As with stamping, one feels the ultraviolet Relieflack, but leaves no noticeable structure on the back of the work. Ultraviolet lacquer is an extra lacquer coat that produces shiny and perspectival results.

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Thermotransfer print is a monochromatic lithographic print method in solid color.

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The book is probably the most widely used print product for private use worldwide. They are used for cooking, we rummage through them and learn from good literature. In our daily work we are also dependent on accounts, even if it is only a matter of recording or looking up something.

Your book will be printed as paperback or hardcover. If you are a self-publisher writer or a teacher, if you want to print a new DIY-Guide or your story for your parents' birthday. For more information, please contact us. You have the choice between stitched or adhesive bind.

He sews the bookbinding thread on the paper into single fold magazine pages. They are then glued to the back. The adhesive bond is a kind of bond in which the leaves are joined together to make a pad and bonded with a spezial adhesive on the back of the pad.

Your book print should be trimmed on each page. Your book print should have a trimmed cover on each page. Number of pages always refer to the book that is completely sealed, i.e. made (.e. folded) and ready to use with a stitched cover in its définition.

Sample book with stitched book jacket, 40 pages: For your book with sewed book covers, please print the book as single pages. Printing of stitched CMYK-based covers. Under the item Evidence you can order a screenproof of your products. Our range includes wood-free, highlywhite offset papers and high quality varnished high quality artificial printing papers for stitched book.

There are also letterpress printing papers available. Letterpress printing papers are lightly coloured. It is similar in color to ivories. Our range includes wood-free, highly white off-set papers and high quality varnished high quality artificial printing papers for stitched book. There are also letterpress printing papers available. Letterpress printing papers are lightly coloured.

It is similar in color to ivories. Our range includes wood-free, highly  white off-set papers and highly wavy, high-quality enamelled artificial printing papers for thread-stitched book. There are also letterpress printing papers available. Letterpress printing papers are lightly coloured. It is similar in color to ivories. Finish and conserve your book with stitched cover and high grade laminate.

Keep your book clean with a stitched cover and an adjustable cardigan. Do you need your book to be grooved (recommended from 170 g/m²) or punched? Compute the number of titles you want with stitched cover. You can order and ship your print details by 11 a.m. and get your articles on the specified date of or before.

It' s hard to imagine a subject that hasn't been published on hardcopy since Gutenberg's invention of letterpress. Comic strips, poem collections, journals or your novel. If you are a student, you can also ask us to print out your association story or, if you are a college, to order new schoolbooks. Also we print songbooks for artists, as well as the print edition of blogs for blogger.

How soon should your book be published? Bindery can print up to 5,000 copies per job and adhesive bound up to 500 copies. Sizes 125 x 190 mm and 135 x 215 mm are among the most appreciated when it comes to print literature.

Nonfiction can be even bigger. You can print both formats in horizontal mode, which can be useful for illustrated volumes. There are many different options in our configurator system to help you choose the right bookize. We use two proven methods for your book print.

Both the envelope and the inside pages are CMYK four-colour or monochrome. Glued binding: The individual pages are combined into a pad and fixed with a specific PUR adhesive attached to the back of the pad. Adhesive bound booklets can be produced from 40 to 996 pages.

Stitched binding: After the folded pages are gathered and stitched to individual parts (signatures). Stitched book bindings are available in 48 to 500 pages. There are different options for sizes, alignment, number of pages, envelope, paper and finishes according to the kind of bind! Paperback is often the classical "paperback", while hardcovers are used for new issues or high-quality publication.

Adhesive bound booklets come in different basic colors - either dark, deep pink, darker, orange, darker or darker - for your envelopes, so you can easily change the first impression of your book by choosing the color of the envelope. There is a wide range of papers to suit the type of weave you have.

80 g/m and 90 g/m square dia. papers are cost-effective solutions for your book print, which can be particularly advantageous for large series. To print professionally with adhesive bound booklets, we suggest the wood-free, ivory-coloured, 80 g/m and 90 g/m bookboard.

You can also print your book on classically painted Kunstdruckpapier. Particularly colourful printings such as graphic images or photographs look good on this type of work. You can also choose between 115 g/m m² laminated glossy Kunstdruckpapier for adhesive bonding. Various weights between 115 and 170 g/m are available for the weaves.

We can finish your book jackets for both paperback and hardcover on demand. Either option accentuates insulated text or designs on your envelope, while "lamination" allows you to add a different color to your envelope, e.g. golden, sterling silver or even rh. We' re seeing it on almost all hardcover textbooks, and it can help protect your textbooks from staining and abrasion.

It is a nondestructive print job thumbnail that can be chosen from the print job setup menus. Once we have generated the data we will save it in your client profile and notify you by e-mail. Then you can look at your book on the monitor before you print it. Please note when making your choice that silkscreen is not binding in terms of color and that the end result may differ.

When you like the screen proof, you can immediately begin the print job. When you are not happy, you can change your order and return the new print copy to us. It' s difficult to find an inexpensive print device that only produces one book. We have a state-of-the-art print house with a total book production of up to 5,000 copies.

If you need more than our upper limits, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert support staff for an individually tailored quote. We also sell journals to promote your book or for other uses, as well as handy and personalized journals!

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