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To print my book

Specialized in small print runs of perfect bound paperback. Are you curious about the cost of printing a book? You've worked long and hard to write your book. In print or eBook, both have their advantages, but which one is right for you? Here is what you need to print your book.

Inexpensive letterpress print

We are a leader in letterpress printing and provide a wide range of printing and printing solutions to our clients. This is a cost-effective option for writers who want to produce their own publications and for clients who want to run a small number of copies to test the copy before they commit to high volume printing.

We have a wide variety of styles including fiction, user guides, reviews, full-colour cookbooks and DIY guides. We have clients including freelance writers, academia, colleges, retail and charity. With our quotation tools you get a fast quotation for most of your letterpress requirements.

Printing my book, Sturminster Marshall, 21 Old Street, Bailie Gate Industrial Estate

Specialized in adhesive-bound letterpress in small runs. With over 100 years of expertise in the graphic arts sector, we deliver high standard and top class products and outstanding customer care. We are a leader in letterpress printers and provide a wide range of professional support options to installers and self-publishers.

With our quotation tools we can quickly estimate most of your letterpress work. The Print My Bookto is in the following categories:

Printed on demand & self-service

Your print-on-demand order is shipped in a fortnight or less from the moment you order a copy or a thousand copies. Contrary to many of our customers, we do not have minimal order specifications, you can order one or as many as you need.

Modify your books or covers as often as you like and free of cost. The Print On Demand (POD) software was developed by writers for them. We offer low rates, but we do not save on our services such as print and laminating.

First of all, you' ll need to get our FREE text and artwork templates. Store your PDFx, click the Start My Account link, fill out a brief registration request sheet and load up your PDF from there. The next step is to make your own covers. Use our covers creator or simply send us your own covers.

Covers should be in JPEG, Tiff or PNG formats. Once you have checked your covers and text on-line, you can place your order. We have expanded our bookshop to include eBooks for quicker access to our download section and our portable platform. You' ll need to have a print copy of the eBook in your bookshop to use it.

Exactly what is a free bookshop? When your letterpress costs are $2. 88 and you are selling your product at $12. 88 the customer pays us the $12. 88 + shipment and treatment, we keep the $2. 88 print rate and give you your $10. 00 profit. a....

Authors determine the selling prices, which must be at least 0.01 Euro above the print costs. Authors can modify the purchase prices at any point in their books using the Books Dashboard. Whenever you sell a product from the bookshop, a copy of the bill of purchase (name of the buyer who was edited due to data protection laws) appears naturally in the Books Dashboard so that the writer can follow his purchases in person in real-life.

What will my reader think of my work? So, if someone searches for your textbook and types the author's name in Google or a searchengine, they will most likely be taken to your textbook in our-store. Remember that just because an on-line bookshop is large, such as Amazon, does not provide a preferred query for your work.

Is it not more sensible in this respect to place your books where you are least paid and most kept? We don't care if you are selling in the other shops. You can install these icons on any website and after one click you will be taken directly to your books in our bookshop.

They can place a key on as many pages of your site as you want, and you can even get your supporters to put one on their sites to help you get more copies. Which is an ISBN? International Standard Booktnumber (ISBN) is a 13-digit number that clearly distinguishes international publications and book-like items.

Extended ISBN: Complete redistribution and enrollment to eBooks In Paper and U.S. ISBN Agency with full text PDF file submission that improves searchability of eBooks in all major SEOs. Superior ISBN: Complete sales registry for titles in printed and U.S. ISBN Agency, complete PDF file download, which improves searchability of titles in all major web sites, and a complete title page download for all types of titles in printed circulation.

Making a ISBN buy? The ISBN is used worldwide as a clear identification for ledgers. The purpose is to facilitate the sales and purchasing of ledgers throughout the entire worldwide delivery network. The majority of merchants need an ISBN to keep an eye on their stock. With an ISBN bar code on the back of your product, which contains the cost of the product, bookshops can directly read your product into the store.

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