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To print my book

These are just a few of the many books we have printed in the last hours, days and weeks! I' ll contact you when I have my next book ready for printing. These enterprise printing capabilities are amazing! I' ve written a very good book, better than I expected. It's time to bring the project to the level that will make it a reality: the letterpress printers.

Printout my book from Tweeters

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Today, discover the best beloved ones, on a high grade piece of cardboard, and keep them in the shape of a book that' s second to none! Your book will look like this in a few moments! With the latest state of the art inkjet print technologies, our affiliates must adhere to the stringent manufacturing standards of our QA team.

To help us safeguard your privacy, we use a number of standard protection methods and technologies to prevent unauthorised use, unauthorised entry, unauthorised use, or unauthorised disclosures. With our on-line tools you can see the precise cost of your book in near-realtime, according to the number of pages, the size of the site and the size you have chosen! Deliveries are made within 8 to 15 working day, according to the place of delivery.

E-Books are going to print: my copy

Is my book available in MyCopy file size? The MyCopy edition of all eBooks that are suited for print-on-demand (e.g. single volumes, manuals, glossaries and manuals, but not multi-volume books), which have a 2005 or later year of copyrights and are less than 1200 pages long, can be used.

Who' s using it and why? The book is very well received by scholars and scholars who appreciate the benefits of an eBook and a softcover-issue. It is an add-on for eBook clients and will increase the range and dissemination of your work.

The reader now has the liberty to view and edit your book in all possible file-types! It has a colour print and the only difference is the MyCopy label. Doesn't the low MyCopy prize have a detrimental effect on the perceptions of the academic value of my book?

This prize opens up an extra marketing channels and enhances the chance that your book will be widely used. Is MyCopy endangering the sale of my initial print book? How does MyCopy affect my royalty? Competetive pricing will stimulate extra interest from price-sensitive college and research scholars who have not purchased the conventional print edition and are looking for a supplement to the eBook.

MyCopy book purchases are the same as those you get for other book purchases. What causes the inside of the MyCopy edition of my book to print in grayscale? The MyCopy is available at a very competitively-priced, market-driven retail rate of $/?/SFr/£24.99. The grayscale images in the MyCopy manuals are of high digitally print qualitiy and comply with the MyCopy customers' standard of sophistication.

Can I order more of my book through the MeCopy website? Can I use the software in my library or bookstore? No. Library and retailer cannot order my Copy eBooks.

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