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We are nationally recognized for the quality and durability of our bookbinding process. If your book is a hardcover children's book, a softcover children's book, a children's book with plastic spiral or a saddle stitcher children's book, you will be enthusiastic about the results. Browse is a child's imagination, so imagine the efforts to design, market and find the ideal children's book printer.

Upgrading of children's literature?

ALLi in a new installment, the Children's Publication Advisor Karen Inglis will share insight from The Bookseller's Children's Conference..... This article emphasizes why it is of utmost importance for independent writers to publish print issues when they publish their own novice book. At the London Bookseller's Children's Conference at the end of September, a back-to-back presentation was given from across the entire sector, which provided a snap-shot of the children's book store and its significance for editors and author.

This is an outline of what was most important for kindergarten and secondary education writers. Statistics and survey results are largely from the British markets, but give us world clues. Printout of regulations! Only in case of doubts, print a rule when it comes to children's literature.

In the 34-week period to 27 August 2016, UK turnover in books for young people was estimated at £209 million (24% of the total printing market), an increase of 11%. Whilst this giant leap is partly due to the Harry Potter and Cursored Child effects, the numbers remain high in all subsets: in a word, kids like reading in print.

Also, the parent loves to take their kids and print it out. Look at this along with a pre-conference Mumsnet poll, where only 5% of those questioned said their independent kids used a reader all the while and 68% said they never used a reader, and it is clear that your kids' promotional strategies must be focused on moving printed ones!

In 2015, 62% of children's book shoppers were women and 38% men - a fact that should be taken into account in specific on-line advertising. Sainsbury's (a large British grocery chain) showed that the highest spending was on Christmas, followed by Halloween, with Easter, Father's Day, Mother's Day and the next busy hours of the year.

Here, too, it makes sense to consider both book topics and promotional measures. Sainsbury's statistics also confirm heavy book retail in general (after the web and bookstores). Since then I have been in touch with Nielsen, whose 2015 customer poll of child purchasers shows the most important shopping locations:

The British print revenues for children's journals are also quite remarkable and show an upturn of 16.8% for boys' journals of prime readership until May 2016 in comparison with the prior year, an upturn of 13.2% for girls' journals and an upturn of 2.7% for pre-school journals (source: Seymour/WHS Distribution). Egmont's research has shown that consumers see journals as a tidbit with added value for education, thanks to the little readings, a good way to help their kids explore new textbooks, and a welcome easing of the computer game.

The take-away for indies: research appropriate journals for your history and provide book excerpts, feedbacks or give-aways. Audiobooks - Hear them! Audiovisual is a growing area, also for children's literature, and certainly an area where you can move in if your budgets allow it. It is my assumption that once Audible clarifies how to buy its audiobooks without having to sign up for a standard membership, this will really take off.

Mumsnet said that after a Puffin audiobook test more than 95% of respondents said they would buy more audiobooks in the near term, leading the usefulness of long trips and making kids look forward to going to it!

I will be looking in forthcoming articles for the best ways to access the childrens book markets on-line and to investigate parents' purchasing behaviour. If you would like to ask Karen Inglis about this article or her own experiences with the successful sale of her self-published children's literature, you are welcome to write a review.

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