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To create printable brochures in Microsoft Word 2007 & 2010 step by step tutorial. I always found it much easier to print brochures.

Word 2007 format for printing a brochure

I' m trying to reformat Word 2007 so that I can make a booklet - essentially A4 landscape that folds to A4 in the middle. I' m not sure if my issue is with Word 2007 - help with page setup etc. would be useful - or if the issue is with the HP 309a which can print double-sided.

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Bookfold printing editions (Word/Office 2007)

I have always found it much simpler to print brochures from a PDF document (in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader) than in Word. In fact, Word 2007 has a PDF print setup where I can store the document as a PDF without having the Acrobat app. The pressure's still the same.

Pages are built up as a folded page on 8 1/2 x 11 characters large sheet of landscape designed to be folded in half from the same sheet of sheet of sheet of paper and so on when printing with page 1 on the right and page 2 on the a normal booklet. If I went to print, it will print page 1 on the lefthand half of the landscape and then page 2 on the righthand half of another document (and so on!)!

Is there anyone who can tell me how to get the pages to print the booklet properly? It consists of 4 pages (1 page on each half of the page and then pages 3-4 on the back) and print very well. Maybe this is a special feature of Word 2007 that I don't have yet.

If you try to print the documents directly without setting up the book fold. I' ve made a macro appended to mail post 420,687 that prints a booklet of a full-sized page that has been configured as default pages. The year 2007 is a little bizarre! If you select "Print 2 pages per sheet", no graphs will be printed with this setting.

One workaround I came up with is to create a regular page, but then split it into 2 identical spreads. Similar to the 2 pages per page mode, but this prints the graph. However, I generally like 2007. When you see churchbirls and pipes, then 2007 is a great choice.

If you like the'plain Jane versions' of things, 2007 would make you crazy.... it's so much better. I' m not really sure I see your issue - because if you have 300 pages, 4 per page (on both sides of the paper), I would have expected page 1 (front cover) to be on the right side of the first page, with page 2 on the backside.

Side 3 would be on the right side of the second page etc. However, ignore this diversion; this is just to take a look at the'reverse print order' in Tools | Options | Print. One time I had trouble trying to print into a booklet because I chose the opposite printing order when I tried to print on both sides of the book.

StuartR, What version of Word could this macro work with? It has been made for Word 2003, but I would be amazed if it doesn't work with most releases since 2000. In order for the macros to work, you must place them in a slot in your Normal. point or a global template or the type of documents you want to print.

Is it reducing the text file sizes? For the booklet, I used my print options as someone else suggests, but they cut it way too much. The booklet comprises 44 pages. I' ve added a file with a working macros, you can copy the source file from your application to a file in your Normal. dot; it will be available in all of them.

It will print two pages of a single page, reducing the page length by a multiple of 2. SOLDIER: Module's working! Approximately the same as the "Booklet" setting of the print program. Only Word provides 1, 2 or 4 pages of documents on one side of the page, i.e. 100%, 50% or 25% of the source format.

When this is not appropriate, using a user-defined sheet format is probably the best solution. If I buy/use the bookfold function of Word 2007, my 8. 5 x 11 documents will still be 50% lower when I try to create the 5. 5 x 8. 5 booklet. How about save as a PDF-file?

It seems that there are contributions that point to greater scale versatility. I' m not sure I know how to use a user-defined sheet format to reach my target. None of them work with my 8. 5 x 11 documents, because they give an errormessage about borders etc. not real. Irrespective of whether you use Word or a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to create a booklet, your text is reduced by 50% when you print two pages on one page.

This can be compensated by using a bigger typeface in your documents. All the different options described in booklet print on the Word MVP page are mainly meant for those who use Word 2000 or before, since Word 2002 and later have included this function. One of the advantages of using the built-in booklet function or one of the above customized options is that it takes charge of which page goes where.

When you set a user-defined page length of 5. "5 "5" x 8. 5" with edges of 0. 5", Word can weigh down about the edges because some lasers (especially ink jet printers) do not allow you to print so near the edges of the pap. On my Epson print device, for example, 0.5" as the top, bottom and right edges is fine, but the minimal bottom border is .55".

If you make the borders too small for your print, Word offers you the option of adjusting them. 5th format printing. "5 "5" x 8. 5" you can print the text in full screen, but it will be difficult to organise the print edition in a booklet.

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