Price to Publish a Book

Prize for the publication of a book

The price is either per book or according to the number of words. There are no dead trees, ink, storage or shelves, so of course they are cheaper. Wellcome to our price list for self-service titles. It is easy to select the bookstores where you want to sell your book. The cost per book price decreases with the number of books you print.

What is the price of publishing a book?

There is no need to publish a book, the easy truth is that it should be free. When you have posted something that a publishers wants to publish, you will be remunerated for the work. Print costs shall be borne by the publishing house. However, if you haven't found a publishing house yet or are just interested in getting a few of your child's favourite artworks with their humble stories printed, there are a number of businesses you can work with.

Self-editing, or what is often referred to as vainty advertising, is the act of reprinting your own book (see Resources). Costs are determined by a wide range of factors: length of script, page length, cover style, colour usage in the book and end format of the book itself. Self-editing can range from $1,000 to $3,500.

Keep in mind that if you have a computer and you use a publication tools such as Quark Express or PageMaker, you can make the soft copy of the book yourself. Then you can use a high end printing machine to get the book printed at a copy shop. It is possible to make hardcovers or paperbacks.

The majority of publishing houses use full colour for both pages and envelopes. That costs more than just monochrome, but can be worthwhile if you want to make a souvenir or snapshot of the book. Publishing houses also regist your book at the Library of Congress, receive an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), record your book at Books-In-Print and generate a copyright notice and barcodes on the back if you want to resell the book.

ISBNs ( "the one-time 10-digit number used to order and resell your book") can be requested from R.R. Bowkers (see below for resources). Favourable rates for digitally printed products. When you want classical off-set print, you must order at least 2,000 copies and can expect significantly higher costs.

When you print in a copy store, the price depends on the size and printable surface. It is possible to have your book released in approximately 30 working nights, although it takes 60 working nights or longer if you want full-colour pages.

Make sure you send back all yourofs quickly, as the publishing house will not press ahead with the proofing until they have been approved. When you decide to have the book printed in a shop, the delivery should take only a few business hours.

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