Preparing a Book for Publication

To prepare a book for publication

In order for us to publish your manuscript quickly and at a high level, we ask all authors to observe these guidelines when producing their manuscripts. Purchase the writing of a non-fiction book: Whilst the publisher edits and carefully corrects all books that we publish, we cannot be held responsible for typos made by the author or subsequent editorial changes. Many first-time authors know that finishing your book is only half the battle for publication. Manuscript preparation for publication:

Preparing a book for publication on Kindle?

Writing a book and preparing it for publication on Kindle can be hard and timeconsuming. I' m going to use the instructions here with Word 2003 if you want to get the best results. But before you do anything, you need to research your publisher to find out which one best suits your needs.

When you ask other authors about it, everyone will give you different tips, because everyone is selling in their own books. Irrespective of the current state of affairs, the quintessence is to select a company that has a set of factors that you can fulfil. The e-book publishers that are right for you offer a very clear overview of the most important publishers and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

As these are the reason why I have chosen Amazon as my own editor for my own e-book, I offer this guide to help you if you make the same mind. Amazon and most publishers ask that you use Microsoft Office Word for the file you want to file.

If this is hard for you, however, you know that e-book publishing companies also accepts work that has been created with a software named Open Office, which is free to use and may be simpler to use than Word. When this is not an optional feature, you can hire a specialist to have your book formatted for a few hundred bucks to turn into a Word file as needed.

When it comes to convert files for Kindle formats, there are two areas of problem: When you want to release an already-published book in paper form only, you have a particular issue when you convert for Kindle: you must check each page before you can begin the reformatting procedure.

When you have a book that has been created using a Ms Works application, you must have Word installed on your computer. You can then use the built-in Works converter and use it to create and store Word 2003-2007. Then you can also open office on your computer.

You can copy and past any section of your book from Word into Open Office style. Be warned, however, that this means much more work for you than just leaving the contents in Word for you. And since most folks already use Word, none of it should be necessary, but I thought it was important for those who still use Works to know how to do this kind of convertio.

Because if Microsoft is upgraded to Windows 10 in 2020, MS Works applications will no longer be legible unless you use a tool like Libre Office to open Works files and store them in different file types. Next up is formatting your book for Kindle to Amazon's needs.

Include all your contents in a single ongoing file. Copying and pasting into a note pad and then copying and pasting this contents into your Word workbook. When you have stored the copy, type all contents, headers and subheaders in Arial 12 type.

Align your paragraphs as you style them so that your line is clear and concise. All you need to do is make sure you choose Word 2003. For all of Amazon's on-line manuals, an active table of contents is required. This can be the most challenging part of your book's reformatting because it needs to be so accurate.

This is the base size to use: Verify your script and then generate your index. Make sure to formulate the section titles in the script exactly as the entries in your index. Proceed as follows to generate a directory: Generate the content listing as described above.

Scroll through the headings in the index. Choose the box on the lefthand side that says "Place in this document". Finally, the Word documents are converted to HTML. Amazons insist that you do this to make your book look good. There are some folks who will tell you that it is best to get someone to create the book artwork, but that is not necessary.

You only need to review the Amazon picture size policies, browse Morguefile and Pixabay for a good fit with your theme, select one and post it to, where you can change your name and the name of your book or other words you want to place on the docket.

Doing this right, you can make a nice book jacket that costs you nothing and helps you selling your book. Here is the sleeve for my own Kindle book, which shows what I made with this mehtode. Pescabay, Morguefile and PicMonkey are all free applications, so making a nice and professionally looking artwork with them costs you nothing.

Making an e-book public requires a lot of work. You tend to think it's enough to have a book on line, but it's not. but they don't sell for you. Therefore, before you go through all the work I described here to get a book ready for publication in Kindle and after doing so can find that you have nothing but useful experi[ Read

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