Postgraduate Writing Courses

Post-graduate writing courses

For more information on applying for UTS postgraduate courses, click here. An MA in Writing is a one-year full-time course of study. The study examined the impact of completing an EAP (English for Academic Purposes) course on postgraduate writing. Mr. Phil.

in Creative Writing. If you are interested in applying for this course, please click here for general application information.

Postgraduate Writing | The University of Edinburgh

Counseling and ressources to help you write at postgraduate levels efficiently. e- writing course: Specially designed for postgraduates at the universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian, it addresses many facets of successful writing at the university. University of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian to inscribe.

Familiarize yourself with the spelling you expect by learning good practices. It is particularly important when you are a first-time student at a British university. Inquire from your instructors if they can provide you with brief postgraduate writing outcomes. Consider asking others in your program if you could benefit from learning from examples of their writing.

Creativity | Sydney University of Technology

Postgraduate studies in creativity writing give you the extra hours and scope to get involved in a large work. Immerse yourself in your favorite style or research a wide range of writing styles. Evolve your idea into practical creativity and modern medias and get an insight into the relation between writing and publishing.

Write at UTS? Build-up of a portfolios and pit your work are important parts of our courses. Former alumni have been awarded prices, literature prices, scholarships and internat. Faculty members are authors and scientists from the fields of literature, publishers and culture.

Refine your practices among your fellow students and your schoolteachers. Get in touch with trade organizations, publishing houses and movie associations to enhance your careers. The UTS alumni get a 10% discount on fully paid courses. Begin your postgraduate studies earlier by registering for an autumn or spring course - depending on what best fits your needs!

For more information on applying for UTS postgraduate courses, click here. Alumni of Arts Writing can work as novels or non-fiction authors for on-line websites, manuscripts, magazines, papers and literature periodicals, authors/researchers for scientific periodicals, scriptwriters, editors and communication managers in a wide range of organizations. UTS Writers' Anthology shows the best new talents from the UTS course of study Writing and the writing of all undergraduates.

Anthologies can contain shorts, poems, screenplays, non-fiction and any other kind of writing. At UTS, my Master's degree was of inestimable value to me in making the switch from a commercial to a writing profession.

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