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Short stories to post online

When an online workshop or writing group is private and not open to the public, it should be a safe place to publish your work. Write a short story that has already been published. On-line critique groups are another level of seriousness above the forums. For this reason, we cannot accept printed contributions by post. It is clear that we need to make a contribution in great places to submit speculative fiction.

The best site to post short stories: Write

Tumbler is better for pictures than for stories. Folks may be looking there for invention, but it is going to get wasted in all Doctor Who/Sherlock Gifs and just and just material. bloggers is better, but it still means you need to spread your stories on your blogs. The best way to do this is to post your own stories.

Disadvantages are that there is a very special atmosphere to Wattpad - mostly teenage-oriented, psychic things etc. - I am writing this kind of para-normal imagination that goes down pretty well, but it might not be the best place for all of them. But then I have a tendency to only post things I'm lucky with and not things I want to criticize because I have other places where I get reviews, and I don't want to look like an imbecile (although I'm still one....).

But if you want to be remunerated and get into literature groups, you will get your stories posted in journals. Don't post them online (because only if your stories actually go viruses or win tens of thousands readership are editors interested in purchasing the right; in most other cases they want the stories to be unreleased, and in the situations where you have a hotshot belongings online, they will come closer to you, rather than the other way around).

I' m still on the self-publishing site, but there may come a time when I am optimistic enough to try to get professional publication.

On-line Short Story Publisher | Read, write & publish short stories

We' re an online short stories company. Our goal is to promote young and aspiring authors by writing short stories from different musical styles. So we have a vast library of short stories, in different catagories, from many well-known and new authors from India and abroad. The short stories are available free of charge.

Our goal is to provide "The Best" platforms for prospective authors by recognizing their creative talents and thus showcasing their true talents, making their work possible with the most modern means, passing their work on to the public and thus entrenching them in their work. It is our aim to be recognised as a prestigious publishing house in which professionals, amateur and amateur publishers are proud to share their unfettered creative ideas through stories.

All of us are invited to join us and are proud to be described as "Short Story Writers". y' and's' are spelled in amber and' c' in amber. The' ShortStory Publisher' is optional under' ysc' with the typeface Arial typed in ebony color.

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