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What is the best way to submit my work to Poetry? As on my own website? Useful tips for publishing poems online! May I submit my poems to the websites you have mentioned?

and I' m freaking upset.

I have been implementing a rather drastic publisher policy last weekend in relation to my poetry and other forms of creativity with my media partnership. And it boils down to the fact that I don't sell my poems and literature to conventional editors, but publish them here on medium, only to readers.

It is important, I think, to give a small overview of my development and my present occupation. I have seen other authors here talking about the medium memberships that supports younger / less skilled authors by giving them a forum, but I wouldn't really look at myself fully in this ?not. I have not written since my graduation from university as a creativ author (I studied poetry and humanities as a subsidiary subject in my studies ), with the exemption of my Dyer-Ives Poetry Competition Awards last year.

But I know how to spell the word Klickbait. How'd it go last sunday? I' ve blocked (and added sound elements to) six previously released poetry on September 3, and the latest dates from the Medium's Membership Program end on the mornings of September 6, so the $11.05 I've earned: b) will not take advantage of new post notices.

I' ve released six more verses since December 6, where the dates are cut off, and a few interesting things have happened: So far, if I've learnt anything about the membership of Medium, it's point #4, which is more likely than it means the bench for this past sunday. You' better wager your donkey I'm going to compare it to the importance of my work on the open ?and?and I have an idea that my first two weeks on medium are going to hit the bulk of the printed poetry magazines and periodicals I was going to administer, Hands Down.

Continuing to publish every day, I think it's reasonable to expect to achieve $150 a week in the near term, which (considering the huge amount of additional writing I would have to do because I wouldn't have to pay for tracking 1:10 submissions) would make me one of the best paid writers in the business, regardless of that.

Poetry is not what poetry pays for. Will I make a living from $150 /wk and write poems on medium? I don't get posted in Poetry Quarterly to cover my bill either. And let's be frank, if you really want to go full-time in poetry: probably an MBA and term of office, too.

When the medium subscription basis can offer a sustainable forum to make my work both a) accessible/visible to a broad public and b) credible through financial compensation, why should I have to go elsewhere? I would not copy Medium as a place where I could make a proper bench sometime in the nearhood.

Screw the old-fashioned publishers.

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