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First-class COOKING books / titles. All Things Publishers & Seekers Awesome Our publications cover a wide variety of topics - always with the aim of providing demanding users with books that are new. In simple terms, we release books that are intelligent, inventive, ingenious, and funny. In her last position, Jhanteigh Kupihea (Editorial Director) was chief journalist at Atria Books, where she worked on business literature and non-fiction books of all age groups and styles.

In 2017, she also supervised the start of Skybound Books, a co-publisher with Skybound Entertainment, a cartoon publishers devoted to scientific literature, phantasy and terror for popular cultural heroes. Senior Editor Rick Chillot is interested in literature and non-fiction, grown-ups or children who overlap with popular art, sci-fi, cartoons and super heroes, cartoons and/or strangeness.

Particularly popular are those that have the capacity for a celebrity graphical or vision. No zombie or poems, no satirical books with no genuine contents, no storybooks if no artists are present. Meta-editor Blair Thornburgh is interested in high-concept literature and non-fiction for young people and grown-ups with a sense of humour, geek and/or feminism.

She is looking for a manuscript with a powerful, mainly dramatic part and a recent approach (no dystopia, please). She is looking for the next generation of chic literature in grown-up literature, easy and affordable gender literature for primary readership, and everything that has a frisky high notion. She searches in non-fiction for works that will address woman and feminism, geeksy things and popular art, or anything that will address citation-uncited millennia.

It searches for writers with different background. Redaktionsassistentin (Rebecca Gyllenhaal) is looking for high-concept, genre-bending fun and non-fiction for grown-ups and intermediates, but is open for good suggestions in every group. She has a love of enigma in grown-up literature (think of Tana French's In the Woods), sci-fi (think of Catherynne Valente's Space Opera) and genre-accompanying diction with a literary leaning (think of The Last Policeman Triilogy by Ben H. Winters).

She' s particularly passionate about classicism ('think of Kate Morton), especially if she is playing with shape - if you have a contemporary upgrade on Northanger Abbey or Rebecca, submit it! In addition, she likes to write novels with an extraordinary backdrop (e.g. a small home, a small home, a cruiser, an emergency room).

She is interested in popular literature, story, humour and present books with an unusual approach. She is especially looking for strange or creepy fictions and objects with a visible element (think Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark or The Doll People). She' s active in the search for various writers and pitch.

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