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The Ebury Enterprises is the brand publisher of Ebury Publishing. However, since many self-publishers start on a very small budget, homemade book covers are still a popular choice. You' ve just finished your book and are ready to apply to some self-publication sites. Here is a list of some of our most popular publishers. You don't see any publishing house that interests you?

100 major online publishers

Whilst Facebook will remain the unchallenged champions of the on-line publication world, it has seen the first significant migration of its users this year, and digitigentsia are already wagering that it is on the retreat. Explain this to advertisers and agents who are likely to spend more than $3 billion on displaying advertisements on the public networking site, which eMarketer predicts will make it the top ad hound next year.

That and the fact that it has evolved into a virtual multimedia eco-system that supports and creates new market opportunities for designers of a size we haven't seen since Microsoft, Apple and Google is why Facebook is moving to the top of the OMMA 100.

In fact, it is better than ever and remains the global golden norm for high-end contents in a universe of endless information overload. Shifting from analog ad money to dime has affected the economy of the largest messaging organisation the planet has ever seen, making the value and coverage of its contents all the more notable.

Let's just hopefully this will work so that we still have contents that are still profitable to buy - even if we don't really do it. Huffington was the poster-child winning, indigenous web publishers before her $315 million sale of The Huffington Post to Avol. She has since become one of the most influential publishers on the Web, placing HuffPoint at the heart of one of the largest Internet message, contents and life-style websites and becoming its editor-in-chief.

According to Huffington, she will do for the huge contentportal what she did for HuffPo: make it the centre of the world. At Netflix we have succeeded in doing what no other publishing house has done so far: proving that the web is as powerful as traditional TV broadcasting and broadcasting via CATV, satellites and land-based TV networks.

Netflix' next major appearance as an inventive publishing house will sign a contract with David Fincher and Kevin Spacey to create "House of Cards", an hour-long musical tragedy that will be sold on an exclusive basis via the internet subscriber platform "Watch Instantly". Established by former Google Director of Distribution Tim Armstrong before becoming Managing Director of anol, the patch has now been adopted by anol and is at the heart of the company's hyper-local mediatypath.

Featuring a backbone of more than 500 communities providing up-to-date reports, Patch is now a competitor to many, perhaps most regional newspapers and television stations. Propelled by the fire, he immediately began to undermine people' s hopes by earning good money to buy powerful publishers such as TechCrunch and The Huffington Post, and then committed the final act of on-line publication heresy: to reduce the amount of AOL's ad-sales.

The Wikimedia has courted Madison Avenue to create sponsor brand and community driven mikis. Wikipedia is the flagship publication in 281 different programming environments and is the biggest and most popular general online encyclopedia, ranked number seven among all websites on the web. Middle Eastern intelligence may not be able to reach U.S. media companies, but audiences poured onto its website this year to catch up on the latest trends in a highly sensitive area.

Although it did not really begin with Wael Ghonim, the former Google Egypt executive has more or less become the figurehead for the part of the public service press - and the Internet in general - that triggered the democracy revolution in the Near East, known as "Arab Spring". Will Ferrell, the idea of the fun man, releases genuine movie contents and allows the user to post their own fun movies.

Do you think techies could get a little cozier? Hardwired has distributed out the latest Tech Notices since 1993 in their publication and now in numerous regular Updates to their site. Printmagazinverlag's international printing and publishing networks range from fashions to technical solutions. In contrast to its competitor Associated Press, which leads customers to its customers' websites to tell their own story, Reuters has made its website its own advertising-financed global newscast.

The Dow Jones page for finance and information. CBS' own, consumer-friendly site for reviewing and posting computer-related hard- and softwares feed. Out of all the big sporting elites, it was the first and smartest when it came to winning their supporters through the use of community networks. The ever developing world of a ballplayer aficionado, now with free on-line streams of select matches, current statistics and results and an thrilling "Beat the Streak" fancy contest with an incredible 5.6 mm cash award.

Okay, so it' s pervaded by the old medium universe of broadcasting, but it's probably the smartest channel to use its contents on the Internet, whether it's old geezers like us who just sit down and watch a podcast instead of turning the clock face, or members of the "Twitter generation" who need their work.

It is a worldwide conference organization looking for "ideas to disseminate".

The Dow Jones website for the latest information and opinion on technologies, medias and the web. Mashable' is the only'Trade' publishing house on omma's 100 book shortlist, which is kind of interesting, considering that he's more or less competing with us. Mashable is more than just a provider of business information and information about the web, technical and especially corporate publishing.

It is a platform and rendezvous for online community and evangelism and a symbolic event for the rise of the platform to the top of the ecosystems of online world. With three to eight hour web-exclusive web camcorder videos a day, cnbc.com wants to be a different kind of target from its affiliate line.

Founded in 2003, Gawker has been a must for discerning audiences, winks and prop headers thanks to his inside story and newscast. However, Nick Denton has kept it going by challenged businesses ranging from the pay-for-scoops paradigm to the integration of advertising contents andarratives.

Womens website provides all facets of a woman's lifestyle - from home to healthcare to style and includes items, prescriptions, quizzes as well as off-the-shelf counseling. This site provides users with messages, sport, msn. cash, gaming, video, celebs' chat, meteorology, shopping and more, and provides links to other Microsoft products such as Hotmail, Messenger and Bing.

This would be an abomination for other newsgroups, but Julian Assange's new kind of hacker-inspired reporting has proved to be very influence. It has since become an important message aggregate for people who like their messages refreshing and hefty. msnbc.com distributes trustworthy messages with large publishers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as contents from nbc's on-air newscasts.

The three-year-old iac-owned Tina Brown's website fused with Newsweek last year. While Netflix (see number 4) has the subscriptions, the free Hulu networking shows have spectators coming in. Britain's honourable left-wing newspaper and its Sunday nurse, The Observer, have significantly enhanced their global exposure thanks to their free website, which contains virtually all the contents of the printed paper and a dozen thematic blog posts.

The Washington Post's website is characterised by its simple navigability and excellent coverage. Many websites cannot offer a 20 year jubilee flag, as is the case with this year. Started as a pc Magazine and other Ziff Davis publication services on the CompuServe subscriber ecosystem, the site is now held by CSBS and is focused on newsworthiness.

Forbes. com's mixture of newscasts, political, economic, economical and financial features are highlighted by unique reports and blogging. consumer reports.org which emulates its printing affiliate publication by assuming no publicity alleges the most paying participants of any web publication--more than three million last autumn, according to a source. s... Chances are most of the OMA readership have never heared of 4chan, and that can be a good thing, because its contents can reach from simple offensive to utterly sociopathic.

As many, in fact, that Poole was wooed by the major silicone Valley guys to support a commercialised release of the free and open socio expressing game. The Next Web recently announced that since the founders' buyback in 2009, the referral engines have increased from six million to 15 million people.

NationalGeographic. com provides the journal, gateways, daily news, newslogs and e-mailletters. This is not only the flag ship glam.com, but around 1500 other websites and Blogs that deal with women's fashions and lifestyles. Conde Nast, a 15-year-old web-only book, provides unique contents and prescriptions from its sisters Bon Appetit and the now non-existent Gourmet.

Some of the most popular features of the extinct printed paper are still the ranks of "America's Best Colleges" and "America's Best Hospitals". haron Waxman has made TheWrap.com a formal message resource for film and TV-insider. Launched as a small blogs in 2005, TechCrunch has since become an acknowledged market leadership in the creation of start-ups and technical newsgroups.

A 15-year-old on-line newscaster, he recently won a National Magazine Award for General Exception. Obama's onion piece ascribed Obama's rise in teenage fame to the Tiger Beat history. FastCompany.com, with a special emphasis on the areas of technologies, designs, leadership and ethics (corporate social responsibility), is driving headlines and articles about innovative businesses.

It is not only the websites of Hearst Printmagazines like Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Good Housekeeping and Popular Mechanics, but also websites like Delish.com and RealBeauty.com. Groupon has not only grown from one size of industry to more than 175 in just three years, but has also introduced a whole new web publication class - from LivingSocial, Google Offers, Facebook Mergers and Amazon Local to dailies across the state.

On-line homepage of the editor of top healthcare magazines such as Runner's World and Men's H&. Established in 2007, the" flashsales " business, which provides luxurious goods for a thief, paved the way for other on-line websites offering similar, temporary services. In the first four month of this year, comScore ranked Bleacher Report fourth on the sport websites.

Mocked and despised by Google but recently encouraged by market research six month after the initial public offering, Desand is relying on a broad base of around 13,000 freelance professionals to produce a seemingly infinite range of consumer-friendly work. When it seemed that MySpace was reuniting its history - from a simple public service networking site to a place for "social entertainment" (which it probably always was anyway) - the narration moved again and led us to throw it a few stakes on omma's 100.

But we didn't want to give it up completely, especially because we're eager to see what the new owner - the unlikely Specific Media and social networking actors Justin Timberlake crew - have in stock.

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