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A list of the best-selling fiction writers of all time, ranked by how well their books have sold. There is a subtle but unmistakable difference between popular fiction and literary fiction. Some of the best science fiction writers are often referred to as some of the most creative minds in the world. Chocolate children - local interest - fiction - non-fiction - children - teenagers - gifts, etc. Authors of genres, like genre fiction, often get no respect.

10 most popular fiction titles of 2017

Meeting the'Keeper of Overdue Things'..... Formerly a acclaimed writer of shorts, Anthony Peardew has devoted half his lifetime to gathering missing items and trying to repent for a pledge that had been shattered many years before. As he is run out of ammunition, he is leaving his home and all his missing treasure of his assistent Laura, the only one he can rely on to fulfill his heritage and rejoin the thousand of properties with their legitimate proprietors.

However, the last desires of the "Keeper of Lost Things" have unexpected effects that cause a very happy set of meetings..... It'?s your wife. She wants your family. But Laura has everything. It was a prosperous and long lasting relationship with a wealthy man and a twenty-three-year-old boy, Daniel, who is friendly, good-looking and gifted.

She is young, handsome and clever, but she has not lived Laura's gold year. It' a falsehood that will change her whole world forever..... Joe Lynch is an average, happy man - until a choice plunges his whole world into a second. After a complete darkness Laura becomes witness of a violent assault.

15 years later Laura and Kit are living in terror. While Laura knows that she was right to express herself, she also knows that you can never see the whole picture: something is always concealed..... something she could never have known. She' s having a great wedding. Your pretty man is treating her like a she-male.

This was the year' s sad tale - a little kid, Aidan, walked away from home during a horrible tide, dropped into the creek and sank. Emma has at last re-discovered the joie de vivre ten years later. She' s remarried, she' with child, and she's back under arrest.... till Aidan gets back. Historical fractures and wounds only take a look at the horror Aidan has been through.

Aidan never flooded. Aidan has been kidnapped. It' Aidan who has the answer, but he can't say the inexpressible. Lara looks great on the face. Beautiful fond of his beloved spouse Massimo, cute little boy Sandro and the ideal home. María Weston wants to be Facebook buddies. María Weston has been unaccounted for for for over 25 years.

Especially Louise, who has been living her grown-up lives with a horrible mystery. Since Louise is compelled to learn the honest facts about what really went on, the only thing she knows for sure is that Maria Weston has vanished that evening is never to hear again, until now.....

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