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Favourite authors of children's books

Any weekend, your local multiplex will probably include a film adaptation of a popular children's book. Be inspired by these famous children's book illustrators and authors. Writers who have written the best children's books. Authors and Illustrators, R-V. Writers come and go, while others, especially those who write for children, resist the yellowing of the leaves.

You can read 5 large novels for adults by famous children's authors

You have to ask yourself whether in every child book novelist dies a novelist who wants to post something with sexual abuse and every possible swearword. Whilst this kind of wishfulfilling may sound like a lot of pleasure, there is in fact a long story of children's writers who break out of their familiar routines and write literature aimed - for want of a better concept - at "adults".

" So if you are interested in seeing a more seasoned side of your child's favourite writer, here are five huge books that have been created by celebrated children's authors. Whereas The Casual Vacancy 2013 was J.K. Rowling's first book for grown-ups to be made public after the end of her extremely popular Harry Potter franchise, the best grown-up novel she has quitted since Harry Hogwarts is actually The Cuckoo's calling, the thrilling adventure story that Rowling created under the alias "Robert Galbraith" (the story didn't last long).

Cormoran Strike, her main character, is one of the most captivating writers of recent times and Cuckoo's callings prove that Rowling can solve convincing puzzles even without secrecy. Blume, one of the uncontested mistresses of youth literature, astonished many when she published her first novel for adults, Wifey, in 1978.

Shockingly aside, Wifey is a very fun, very sensitive look into the unfulfilled lives of Sandy Pressman, a dull homemaker who lives in a restricted outskirts and comes out of her shell having an illegitimate love affair with an old friend. In the Unlikely Events, her latest novel for adults, In the Unlikely Events, will be published in June 2015.

R.L. Stine, one of the most productive and iconsic terrible authors for kids, made the decision in 2013 to publish a terrible novel that could never be bought at a primary education bookfairs. A spooky play of home horrors, Red Rain, which begins in the Bad Seed traditions - a few adopt a few eerie orphans, orphans, and turns into chaos.

It' an exaggerated, bloody mystery story, and you have to smile at how the creepiest things Stine could think of were apparently kids when they first wrote for the grownup. Perhaps best known as Lemony Snicket - the enigmatic storyteller of the A Series of Unfortunate Event series - Handler has also authored several stories for an older audience under his name.

While Horowitz has made a name for himself with his Alex Rider franchise, which is about a youthful James Bond intelligence man, he has also written a number of convincing puzzles for adults. He recently published Moriarty, an interesting look at the empowerment void after Sherlock Holmes and his renowned arch-enemy fell from the Reichenbach Falls to their alleged demise.

The irony is that the author was recently commissioned by Alex Rider to create a new James Bond novel to be published in 2015.

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