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The top ten book publishers in America (until March 2008)

It' been more than a year since I last update our top ten publishers in America. Due to some changes in the available cash register information we could not provide a dependable rank. The system is built on different point-of-sale solutions from different distribution chains. First we follow the top ten specialist publishers.

Publishers whose titles are primarily distributed through the bookselling industry and not through publishers of schoolbooks. Cobbler & Simon comprises Free Press, Pocket and Howard Series. Secondly, we persecute all publishers. If this is the case, we erupt the traditional prints of the specialist publishers and assign them to each other.

That' s why Zondervan, for example, is on the second but not the first one. What has happened since the last publication of the mailing lists? Firstly, among the top trade publishers our rankings have fallen from 6th to 7th place. That is due to the sale of Harry Potter and the shrines of Scholastic's death.

One of these titles drove Scholastic from 10th to 6th place and knocked us down. There has been a slight shift in the other percentage rates on the table. They may wonder how John Wiley and Scholastic (without Harry Potter) could be smaller than Thomas Nelson. Remember that our rankings only include retail transactions.

Wiley and Scholastic both have huge academical, commercial and technological publisher programmes that are not regarded as commercialization. Scholastic also has a book fairs programme, whose turnover is not contained here. The Top Christian Publishers' Top 5 rankings were unchanged, with changes in overall shares.

Together with Tyndale and Baker, we won 180 base points of additional sales. and Waterbrook Multnomah were losing markets. and NavPress completely dropped off the top five items on the Flooded Lists.

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