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Newest tweets from Poets & Writers (@poetswritersinc). A stunning magazine for poets & writers. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Poets & Writers Magazine. This bimonthly magazine is aimed at authors, poets and prospective writers who are intensively involved with the craft of the world-famous authors. Poets & Writers Magazine has been a reliable companion for writers who take their vocation seriously for more than twenty years.

Poet & Writer Magazine

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is one of the biggest non-profit literature organisations in the United States that serves poets, literature writers and imaginative non-fiction writers. A bimonthly magazine named Poets & Writers Magazine is published and based in New York City. Galen Williams, head of the famous YM-YWHA Poetry Center, Galen Williams, used start-up capital from the New York State Council on the Art in 1970 to found a new writers' organisation that would pay them reading and training workshop dues.

It started in an appartment on the outskirts of the theatre district. Poets & Writers has since developed into one of the biggest non-profit organisations in the state for writers of poems, literature and books of art. During the 1980' and 1990', Poets & Writers developed new income streams that enabled the organisation to extend its programmes and publish.

Prizewinning changes in editing and layout have taken Poets & Writers Magazine to new subscriptions and promotion dimensions. Its Readings/Workshop programme was launched in new areas of the nation, linking writers and the public in California, Chicago, Detroit and New York State, where the programme began. The Writers Exchange Programme was launched to bring writers to the New York literature scene.

Poets & Writers successfully concluded its first fundraising initiative in 2006, raised $3 million and established a foundation to deliver the Readings/Workshops programme to six new cities: Every year two writers from one country are asked to send us their work. Up to now 76 authors from 30 countries have won the Writers Exchange Award.

P&W made it possible in 2007 to provide the Writers Exchange to two Californian writers. This year, two writers from Missouri also won the Writers Exchange Award. Writers residing in Tennessee are welcome to compete for the Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award 2009 in 2008. This Amy Award is given to female poets aged 30 and under who reside in the New York City or Long Island area.

The winner will be awarded a fee and a lecture in New York City. This prize was created by Paula Trachtman and Edward Butscher from East Hampton, New York, in remembrance of Mrs Trachtman's daugther Amy Rothholz, an actress and writer. The Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Awards, founded in 1996 and presented at P&W's 2009 event, recognize writers who have made generous contributions to other writers or the wider world.

The prizewinners are appointed by a panel of former prizewinners, other celebrity authors and the board of Poets & Writers. The prize was awarded to Barnes & Noble in recognition of their outstanding contribution from Poets & Writers.

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