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We Mean Business: A dozen operatives who want to study your work There are many literary operatives out there is an exaggeration - almost like saying there are many authors looking for an operatives (but not quite). AAR, a non-profit member organisation set up in 1991, currently has more than 400 members, all of whom fulfil specific demands of expertise and adhere to an accepted ethical-codex.

Another, more general on-line data base claim ed to provide detail for almost a thousand agent with different areas of knowledge and focus. No. The real problem for authors is not the lack of an agent, but the choice of the right one from the mass. In order to limit the scope, I approached some starving operatives who I know they would like to get an email from an as yet unfamiliar author and asked each of them for some fundamental information about what kind of work they want to see and how to get to them, as well as some not so fundamental information that will help you to get to know them a little better.

They do not want to send an e-mail to an agency that they come across. Please study it thoroughly. The following sections have a few subtile (and not so subtle) tips from a couple of dozens of agents. Did you write a storytelling article that goes to the core of what it means to be in a particular geographic area?

You are a novelist of intelligent terror fictions and just can't get enough of the work of Joe Hill and Nathan Ballingrud? All of these twelve operatives have different characters, esthetics, work practices, background, affections and anger - and so do you. Take your patience, research, browse through their customers' stories and hear what they have to say.

Which she wants to read: Biographs and stories in which I can breathe and follow in the tracks of the distinguished personalities; memoir and stories that are carried by living moments and a feeling of urgentness; humour that can resuscitate a married life if it' s seen before going to sleep; fantasy that is simple to study but not.

So if your script is the only text you need to release (you are not a working reporter, shall we say, or a public author), then your script (if it is a fiction) should be completed before you request it. However, if you are a pro whose videos are available in abundance, I still suggest that you ask when you have a completed script (if it is a fiction), because it does not leave a secret (but it is up to you).

When you submit articles - all authors - then you should have a complete suggestion that you can release in the question. Code: An agents should not be the first individual (except you) to review your script or suggestion. Please submit a request with the enclosed suggestion or a proof of literature (e.g. twenty-five pages). Which she wants to read:

I' m letting my voices seduce me, so language-driven fantasy and non-fiction are at the top of my wish lists. I' m reading to be amused and brought up. Authors who take an inventive, provoking view of contemporary affairs and historic themes will always find a reader. I' m also looking for intelligent nightmares like Joe Hill and my customer Nathan Ballingrud (North American Lake Monsters).

If you have a full script or a suggestion with a model section, please ask me. I' m also ready to see a full compilation of shorts and a part novel or a full novel and part series. I will check a suggestion with a model section or the entire script for memoir.

Cause you want her as your agent: However, it is not my task to work on a script so that it corresponds to my concept of excellence, but to work on a work so that the editor who reads it can imagine the script as the author intended.

I also appreciate the long-term relationship I have with my authors. And last but not least, I am thrilled to work with my authors and their publishing houses in publishing their works. Attach a short biography and the first three chapters/stories from your manuscripts as a Word-Dokument.

You can also submit a suggestion and a reference section for non-fiction books. Which she wants to read: A fictional and storytelling article with a big sound and/or a powerful local feeling. I ask for complete books or history books for my literature. I like to see a suggestion for books on narratives, which should contain an outline and at least two ready sections.

Cause you want her as your agent: If you have any questions, please email us a summary of the text and your biography. Which he wants to read: My main areas of interest are books club/literature literature and storytelling non-fiction - especially those that can make a personal or global impact.

I am especially looking for language-driven phantasy as well as very well spelled mystery stories and psychologically charged stories; or stories with a great, bizarre and funny part. Loving narratives and memoirs, I have been selling stories on a range of themes, which include fine arts, story, animals, the army and many other styles. Belletristician, when you have your whole novel ready, have it reviewed, revised and reworked by several people, and you have the feeling that it is now completely as powerful as you can be, just drop me a note and tell me about it.

If you have authored a suggested textbook and pay particular heed to the samples, excerpts and promotional material, please send me a comment. In the case of literature, a request for information plus the first page of your work; in the case of non-fiction, a request for information plus an offer summary and/or the first page of a summary.

Which she wants to read: That' s why I want to study profoundly thought-writing, from authors who are not shy of taking chances with their work. Belletristician, I want you to get in touch with me when you have a complete design of your novel. I' m selling a bunch of articles on suggestion, so I'm glad to look at these plans a little sooner.

When I think about suggested articles, I would like to see one or two example sections. Generally, I think the best time for authors to get in touch with an agents is when they've done everything they can. Cause you want her as your agent: I would like to receive a one- or two-page enquiry containing a short abstract of your work and a biography of the work.

When you have a suggestion, please include it with your request. Which she wants to read: Literature and business literature, especially sophisticated and feminine literature, as well as selected memoirs, narratives, non-fiction, arts and music. I am mainly looking for amusing authors, great romances, romance books, romance books, reading on the beaches, reading books for families and non-fiction books that address the contemporary world.

Belletristician, please hold off until you have a full, sophisticated work. If you are a non-fiction author, you should have a fully developed concept and preferably a full text. Cause you want her as your agent: I' m a quick and greedy readership and sense that it is my obligation to fully appreciate the genre I represent.

I' m proud of my strong collaboration and my relationship with the editorial staff of all publishers and my links to the large New York City literature world. I would like to receive an enquiry and about ten to fifteen pages of your paper or suggestion. To be fictional, a fictional design should be ready before I see it.

As well as a full copy, I suggest that you have a well prepared script before you send it to me or another man. A suggestion is ideal for non-fiction books. Cause you want her as your agent: Having been an agency that represents award-winning writers for almost twelve years, I have taken a practical step to launch the career of novice writers.

I am a very drafting agency and enjoy working with my customers. I see myself really as a full-service associate for my writers, whether developing ideas, providing support in advertising, soft copy feedbacks, soft copy or advertising, as well as in the field of digital music. Furthermore, although I have been a New Yorker for over a decennium, I am a Midwest woman at heart, so you will find not only a lawyer but also a boyfriend in me as your agen.

If you would like to receive your inquiry and the first twenty pages (for fiction) or suggestion (for non-fiction), please contact us as a Word file at carrie@empireliterary.com. Which he wants to read: I have a tendency towards the liturgical, but as long as the story is surprising and entertaining, I will be convinced. It' s nice to find new, unforeseeable tales - I think every salesman will tell you that - but I especially appreciate the sensation, the discomfort, the thrill that comes when I don't know what's going to come next.

If I have finished a work ( or a suggestion), the permanent sense of wonder is what I am looking for. If you are happy to part with me, please contact me (and, yes, please!). I' ll tell the authors that the right moment to divide your work with an asset is when you are sure that it will be speaking for itself - without you having to be in the room.

A lot of authors make the error of looking for an operative too soon. The main task of an agen is to resell your work, so if you don't have anything to resell yet..... just do it. You want him as your agent: Working with any author, regardless of gender or styles, is a very personal one.

Submanuscript, suggestion or complete manuscripts. Simply make sure you are willing (and feeling safe) to broadcast. When you are happy to work with me, I will be happy to see it. Which she wants to read: I am particularly interested in sophisticated and fictional literature, especially relational books, tales of possession s and works that deal with privacy and its dissatisfaction.

In non-fiction, I am very interested in deep narrative and storytelling that lead the readers into the hearts of a sub-culture, as well as in ideas book with a surprise or uncommon one. In a novel this almost always means an adapted complete script; in non-fiction I would generally want to at least see the basic features of a suggestion (sketch, example pages, etc.).

Cause you want her as your agent: Before joining Agencying, I worked in the areas of sales and distribution and digital publication, which gives me an additional perspective on positioning my customers in an emerging world.

Which he wants to read: Début literature and sophisticated literature; narratives and memoirs; reporters and scientists who write new views on the world of art, policy and contemporary affairs. I am always interested in different parts and under-represented views, regardless of the gender, and as a North Carolinese by birth I am interested in great fictions in the South.

As a rule, for literature, it is best to stay in contact when you have a completed script that you want to author. Design a suggestion for non-fiction books. You want him as your agent: Attempting to keep a small, select mailing and only accept those that I really believe in, which allows me to be a practical and enthusiastic lawyer for each of my authors.

An email request with a complete script (for fiction) or a suggestion (non-fiction). Which she wants to read: I am looking for novels - whether literature or non-fiction - that are connected to the wider realm. In the ideal case I would like to get in touch with authors who have a completed script or a suggestion for peer-reviewing. Cause you want her as your agent:

An inquiry note plus the first ten pages inserted into the text of an email. Which she wants to read: Most of my lists are fictitious, and I am particularly interested in presenting different parts and angles from all over the globe. I' m always looking for something new from the imaginary I've been reading and for a place I've never been before.

Generally speaking, I think it's best to have a full and sophisticated work. In the case of non-fiction, a suggestion with forty to fifty pages of materials is usually sufficient. Cause you want her as your agent: I am also dedicated to help my customers build and steer their career through many years and many novels, so I enjoy participating in everything from typing jackets to creating a public profile, pitches magazines and submissions of shorts to brain storming for the book's and beyond advertising campaigns.

If you have a question, please send a request with ten example pages with "Julie Barer" in the reference line to submissions@thebookgroup.com. Mr. Larimer is editor-in-chief of Poets & Writers, Inc.

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