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Poet and writer Frahlingen

Agent/advice: A complete series Agents answer your question about recommendations, a self-published textbook and what to do if you are dumped by an agencys. The Frahling responds to readers' queries - from the question of how seriously the agents take a writer's past purchases to the question of how they are looking for a new presentation in a responsible manner. An experienced frahling provides invaluable advice on when to ask, how to keep reviewing and whether fear is a worthwhile pursuit.

Writers such as María Amparo Escandón and Joy Nicholson's agents offer tips on how to write and edit manuscripts and what not to do when you submit a work. Svetcov Danielle by Levine Greenberg Rostan answered readers' question about what (and what not) to do when she tries to find an agen. Agents like CJ Hauser and Cecily Wong, who represent writers, answer typing related issues, spy fee issues and publication in on-line magazines.

Agents from writers such as Diana Nyad and Herman Wouk answer self-releases, ages and working with an agents from afar. Gernert's Chris Parris-Lamb provides consulting services for the submission of inquiry notes and scripts as well as for embracing or avoiding self-advertisement. Birmingham's Lucy Carson of the Friedrich agency is discussing e-book-publishing, when to submit a pattern to an agents and more.

Frahling Matt McGowan, representing Eula Biss, John D'Agata, Brian Evenson and many others, will answer the authors' most frequently asked authors' squestions. Frahlingin Rebecca Gradinger will explain why authors need agents and give advice on best practice. Jami Attenberg's agents, David Mitchell, Carolyn Parkhurst, Matthew Quick, and others provide instructions on how to publish credit, MFA programmes, and unauthorized entries.

Are agents really reading summaries? Ferrari-Adler, whose customers are Lauren Shockey and Emma Straub, will answer these and other snippets. This and other issues are addressed by Terra Chalberg, whose customers are Lori Ostlund and Glenn Taylor. Kevin Brockmeier's and Marisa de Los Santos's agents offer her thoughts on self-publishing and what she is looking for in the first five pages of a script.

Samantha Hunt, Dinaw Mengestu and Josh Weil's agents offer tips for designing an inquiry and when to continue working after a pitch. Catherine Fausset from Curtis Brown, Ltd. Katherine Fausset responds to reader queries about the agents' roles in literary magazine submissions and how writers can select agents from their customer list.

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