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Poetic websites

That page is very different from most of the poetry pages on this list. web resources Educator on-demand educational services that provide simple and free, curricular, cross-platform resource sharing for the K-12 years. Poetry and modern civilization, poetry profile and educational advice. Photographs of writers who read their work. Contains historical archives, children's archives, literature in residency blogs, curricula and events.

Contains a newsletters and a schedule of activities, academic ressources, a panel, a poet's studio with tutorials and classrooms. Abstracts of books of American poetry before 1920. Numerous curricula, tutorials and policies for integrating poetry into K-12 classes. Poetry page of the British Broadcasting Company. We have poetry, biography, videos, poetry and poetry-performances.

Abstracted full text of out of stock books of modern poetry. Portal for websites and ressources related to poetry innovation. Comprehensive link to poems, digitized works and books. Middle Ages, Renaissance, seventeenth centuries and poet restorations. Comprehensive collection of poetry in Anthology of Modern and Modern Poetry (Oxford). The pages on US writers contain a bibliography, biography and external link.

Designed at the University of Utah as part of an on-going, explorative collaborative effort between information visualisation professionals, writers and lyricists. Every two days the book contains a new poetry, chosen from the latest magazines and textbooks. Search for composers by nation or name. Contains works by about 800 writers. Poetry from Old English to the present.

Poet information: competitions, programmes and references to alternative resources. Schedules for beginner and advanced classes. University of Arizona Poetry Center audio-video library. Lectures by Robert Pinsky, Professor of English and Creativity at Boston UniversityThe kind of poetry gives pleasure and invite knowlede. Lectures by Elisa New, Cabot Professor of US Literature at Harvard UniversityThis course, the first part of the multipart poetry in the Americas range, deals with US poetry in a contemporary culture up to the year 1700.

Lectures by Elisa New, Cabot Professor of American Literary at Harvard UniversityThis course encompasses the poetry of the early years of America and explores the establishment of a nation's identities through the lenses of new nationwide literary. Lectures by Langdon Hammer, English teacher at Yale UniversityThis course deals with the human organism of contemporary poetry, its distinctive technique and issues.

Further presentations on the poetry of the First World War and the Harlem Renaissance. Instructed by Christopher Merrill and Mary Hickman, the University of IowaAn engaging course presenting a brief curatorial anthology of private presentations on craftsmanship by two tens of modernists. Teached by Margaret Soltan, Adjunct Lecturer at George Washington UniversityThis course will seek to identify the poetry style, its particular characteristics and problems, and to identify the truth that poetry seems best to convey.

We are focused on poetry, English and translations. Comprehensive offer of free poetry books for the teacher. Curriculums and Lectures, class K-12. Favorite Poem Project curriculum with a strong emphasis on literacy and esteem. Courses to supplement the pioneering manuscript on poetry from the Middle East, Asia and beyond.

UK website dedicated to the integration of poetry into the curriculum; provides curricula, evaluation recommendations and education in the UK. Curricula and web materials for pupils and teaching staff based on the IRA/NCTE standards for the English language. Primary school activities and curricula; first three free items, followed by compulsory enrollment.

This is a tool for educators who want to integrate poems and other styles to help pupils understand, think critical and make strong argument. Homepage of the much-loved programme; contains teacher ressources, WITS blogs and hyperlinks to publishing options for schoolchildren. Collections of Dickinson's poetry and correspondences that emphasize her compositional processes; contains references to secondaries.

Whitman, Dickinson and US cultural; offers hypertext and debate related pages. Contains e-text and fax copies of all issues of Leaves of Grass, as well as current press releases and letters, an expanded autobiography and link library. Exciting poets' audiovisual archives during readings and conversations. Teacher training resource with curricula, discussions and career advancement options.

Biggest compilation of poetry sound data on the web; contains speeches, talks and talks in MP-3 download able to be downloaded. The Poetry Center at San Francisco State UniversityThe readings are one of the longest running programmes in the USA. Contains the American Poetry Archives, which contains nearly 5,000 hrs of genuine sound and visual material and is available on-line in The Poetry Center Digital Archive.

Extensive website for avant-garde and conceptional poetry and poetry; with thousands of sound samples, brief videoclips and e-text-ressources. Sponsor: W.W. Norton; with single poem artwork, streamed movies and a poetry post. It is a home for the many expressions of afroamerican poetry, dedicated to promoting the art and profession of afroamerican Poet.

This is the yearly Dodge Poetry Festival's website, providing an outline of the poetry-in-the-schools programme and information for schoolchildren. Dedicated to the creative work and care of Asian-American literary works, Kundiman provides a wide range of art programmes that enable authors to write their own histories. In Massachusetts, support poetry and poetry to change people's life through inspirational verses, programmes, lectures and an yearly poetry fest.

Nazionale Student Poets Program/Alliance for Young Artists and WritersRéfléchissant l'imprimatur nationale du Comité présidentiel et de sa présidente d'honneur, la première dame Michelle Obama, cinq étudiants sont sélectionnés pour un an de régional, chacun représentant une région géographique différente du pays, en tant que boassadors littéraires. O, Miami FestivalExpands and promotes literature in Greater Miami, Florida with a number of guest authors, a poetry fest, an impressum and other programmes.

It is a convenient, approachable place for poetry in the heart of Manhattan, with a reading and reading room and conference room. The Poets House aims to demonstrate the richness and variety of contemporary poetry, encourage dialog on questions of poetry in the arts and win over a broader public for poetry. The Split This Rock Poetry FestivalCultivates, Teach and Celebrate Poetry that Witnesses Unrighteousness and Provoke People.

The Wick Poetry FestivalDedicates itself to transforming the individual and community into the force of poetry. The University of Arizona Poetry Center A large poetry collection, a study room and a lively archives, established to preserve and nurture the poetry world.

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