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All too often poetry in Anglophone goes beyond the poets tomb, packed as an work of art and weighed in indisputable historic interrelations. Considerable amount of poetry typed outside the US boundaries is now available to British narrators on-line thanks to Poetry Internacional Web. Though Poetry was founded in 2002, Poetry Web began proposing an internationally oriented poetry journal in 1998.

Several poetry writers from all over the globe met in the summers of 2000 to design the concept and discuss the requested contents, the design and the organisation of the website. Once the criteria had been established, an advisory commission was appointed to designate those responsible for each respective area. Together, the editorial staff have put together a comprehensive and varied website, which is regularly refreshed and can be found at www.poetryinternational.org.

dp="mw-headline" id="Referenzen">Referenzen[Love poem for a drying time

Sensually and atmospherically, Wilson's lovemaking poetry condenses the human organism into its own sense, and then exhales it like fumes. Reread the poetry aloud, note the magical words on your face. Breathtaking mastery of speech, with inverse verb and noun s and the speech of anthems - this "letter" is composed from a clear and cold sage of the painter who faces iniquity.

Poetics always expand towards access, and this well-produced videotape of a poetry by Geffrey Davis reinforces all the physical language and fear that the orginals use. Chazaro's poetry is building a city for us, a ten-year-old city, a boyhood - what else is poetry for but to recall the neighbours who die when we are out of the city and far away?

An epic of lovemaking is always an investigation of the Force and Osborne's poetry is no different here. Coming for the powerful bodily speech, remain for the silent and serious test of the poet's relation to it.

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