Poetry Submissions uk

Poetic submissions uk

Submission Instructions - The Poetry Society To get the most out of your work on The Poetry Review, please click here. Poetry Review appreciates the submission of unreleased poetry and poetry translation. This is The Poetry Review, The Poetry Society, 22 Betterton Street, London WC2H 8BX. The publisher reads all contributions and considers them equally.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the contributions submitted, we cannot express any personal criticisms. It is our goal to take up or decline work within three month and we will reply to each entry - but please review and adhere to the entry policy to make our reply easier. - Please submit a max. of six possible poetry editions.

  • Submit only unreleased works. - Submit one post after another. This means, please do not post a new post if you have not yet received a reply to an earlier one. - We do not consider submissions that are submitted at the same date, i.e. work that is under consideration elsewhere. - Poems should be typewritten.

Feel free to include a short publishing record (but this does not influence your chances). For submissions from outside the UK: - Please submission your work via Submittable. The Poetry Society has special membership and non-member options: Coming from the United Kingdom: - For the moment, UK writers must mail their works to the above mentioned postal adress, incl. a postmarked SEE for a reply.

Poetry Review contains many thousand verses, of which we are only printing a small part. The Poetry Library website contains an exhaustive selection of other poetry journals that you can try out. Fiduciaries and Poetry Society employees are not allowed to post materials for The Poetry Review.

Send in your poems and publish them to South Bank Poetry.

Have you got a poetry you would like to publish, or even make a successful future? Entrust your work to South Bank Poetry now. Ranging from hail, to brief experiments, to wandering balls, South Bank Poetry welcomes poems of all sorts. We used to accept contributions only from the UK, but now we accept them from all over the globe and on every subject!

Submiting your work to South Bank is an exhilarating way to post your work to a prestigious poetry organization and exchange your letter with other poetry enthusiasts from near and far. We are the UK's premier journal of poetry. We have newcomers and poetry from all over the globe and we invite you to join us!

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