Poetry Submissions India

Poetic Submissions India

This e-journal publishes a variety of literary works, including essays and book reviews, and welcomes submissions focused on India. Please read the complete guidelines before submitting your manuscript. We' d like to contribute for : Poetic publishers who accept electronic submissions. Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agrawal (India).

These 9 on-line journals want to release their work!

Not Fret, there are actually many well-known on-line papers that welcome submissions from aspiring Hindi authors, and will present your letter on their platform and to a broad audience. The 2011 launched magazine wants to encourage creativity in the arts and literacy and, as it says on its website, "bridge the gulf between the aspiring and the wellestablished, and just party about what needs to be seen, listened to and read".

" There is no fee for submissions as a non-profit organization. Please note that the electronic editions of the newsletter are released every three month. The bi-monthly Sahitya Academy is one of India's oldest journals and contains more than 23 local language essays, poems and dramas that have been converted into English, as well as plays by establishing and aspiring authors.

Muse India, a bimonthly ejournal, wants to present the India script in German and in German translations. In addition to publishing a wide range of literature, among them essay and review books, the e-journal is welcoming submissions aimed at India. It mainly produces literature as well as some poems and books review and appreciates contributions on topics not normally found in India literature.

When you are interested in the review of a textbook, please be aware that it should be belletristic, especially belletristic writing. The web publication site is India's biggest story-telling plattform. Every day she releases microstories of aspiring authors from all over the world. "Scribbled Stories are about daily emotion, focusing on reading.

Wadtpad also assists authors to advertise their story through other online communities. Though Indus is primarily for aspiring and mature female Indo female authors from around the world to participate, it does welcome submissions of short and long story, article and poetry from Hindi men as well. Even kids from 13 years can enter their work.

Hopefully this will help you get one stage nearer to the publication of your texts. You are free to divide it with your authors to disseminate the world!

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