Poetry Submissions Canada

Poetic Submissions Canada

An extensive list of Canadian publications that accept entries in fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We are inviting aspiring and established poets to submit their works. Currently Arc does NOT accept unsolicited poetry submissions. Many thanks for your interest in submitting to Canadian Literature.

General remarks General remarks

Since more than 30 years Ark publishes the best contemporary poems. We are inviting aspiring and established writers to submit their works. Currently we do NOT accept unsolicited poetry submissions. The next deadline for submissions is 1 September 2018 to 31 May 2019. We no longer accept hard copy. Now, the submissions are accepted by the submissions manager (see below).

We accept unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished poetry on any subject and in any format. Authors may only enter once per year. No more than 3 verses may be submitted. The submissions must be entered at single intervals (duplicate blanks are interpreted as empty lines). Please hand in each of your verses together with the biography of the writer in a separate work.

We will summarise your submissions in our submissions section. We will reply to unasked submissions of poems, works of art and items within four to six-month. We cannot guarantee to reply to requests for the status of submissions before the end of an editing lifecycle. We are not currently looking for unasked contributions or pitch for poetic essays/articles.

Arc's visuelle Kunst is chosen by an editorial team. As a rule, Arc does not take on or decline single works, but selects the artist he works with and then asks for a series of works from which up to ten are chosen for publication, including two for use on the front and back covers.

Any artwork that will be considered for publication in Arc may appear in the journal up to 12 month after the selection (we will inform you if the plan changes). On acceptance, Arc then asks for select pictures with a resolution of at least 300 dopi. Select pictures for use on the sleeve can be trimmed to match the layout of the magazine, taking into account the aesthetics of the magazine in the selection and cropping process.

A detail of the selected work of artwork may be used in certain cases and in consultation with the work. You' ll get $50 per page on publication ($100 for artwork on the front page) and two free copy of the edition in which your work was made.

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