Poetry Submissions

Poetic submissions

Allowance is made for original works in English as well as translations of poems into English. While we review poems on an ongoing basis, we ask that you do not submit more than twice in a twelve-month period. Up to six poems (in a single document) can be sent per submission. Hopefully this will help you choose good markets for your poems. We' re reading the contributions continuously.

Letters & Submissions to the Editorial Office

Which kind of work is poetry looking for? All the work we receive is checked and we agree with what we think is best. Allowance is made for works in either the German or French languages. It is regrettable that the amount of contributions submitted and the small number of our employees do not allow us to make personal criticisms.

Will Poetry already approve previously released work? Works that have been released on-line are deemed to have already been released and should not be entered. Is poetry paying for it? What is the best way to apply to Poetry? From July 2013 we will no longer be accepting hard copies. She will safely email your work to our writers and confirm that she has arrived.

If you are willing to sign up, please go to our sign-up system at poetry.submittable.com. You will be registered at the first login. It is not necessary to open an existing one. After submitting your work, you can verify the state of your submittal by logging into your Submitable bankroll.

Please specify the type of data I can upload. You can only enter poetry in one of the following categories: Now we have a Visual Poetry section that will accept the following: The number of entries is restricted to four verses (1 file) and should not be more than ten pages. The poetry should be filed in a separate document, with the poetry divided by title or pagebreak.

Fill in all the author's details on the first page of the filed document. How long can I apply to Poetry? Submissions are accepted throughout the year. Please do not make repeated registrations: Please await a reply to your registration before you send new works. What is the speed at which I can find out about my entry?

We do everything we can to minimise the reaction times out of consideration for the poet. Our aim is to ensure that every contribution receives a good reading. Complying with four or less verses at once helps to ensure a prompt reaction to your work.

Are you still willing to take off-the-shelf mailings? We will no longer take any securities from 1 July 2013. Feel free to email us at support@submittable.com or call 855.467.8264. Everyone considering submitting a journal is asked to check it before submitting a script. If you would like to order or receive a copy, click here.

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