Poetry Society

Society for Poetry

Poetry Society is an open membership organisation whose declared aim is "to promote the study, use and enjoyment of poetry". About Wendy Chen "They Call Me Madame Butterfly" Ashley M. About Wendy Chen "They Call Me Madame Butterfly" Ashley M. Nicole Sealey on "Heretofore Unuttered" Martín Espada on "Here I Am" Peggy Robles-Alvarado on "In Leticia's Kitchen Drawer" Ricardo Maldonado on "Un Pajaro Para Felipe, Un Pajaro Pa Damián / A Bird for Felipe, a Bird for Damián" Elizabeth Scanlon on "The Brazil Is Not the United States" Rio Cortez on "UFO,

" Ruth Awad über "The Keeper of Allah's Hidden Names" Geoffrey Hilsabeck über "Riddle 6" Victoria Chang über "These Men Can Be Collected" Eve L. Ewing über "What I'm sharppening my ohster knife" Jenny Sadre-Orafai über "Queen of Cups" Christine Kitano über "Gaman" Brittany Perham über "DP.

f. 30 " sam?sax on " Relapse " Danez Smith auf " poème où je suis & vous pourriez " Chen Chen Chen Chen auf " The Cuckoo Cry " Kaveh Akbar auf " Heritage " Erica Wright auf " Lola and the Apocalypse " Elisa Gabbert auf " Jack se sent toujours comme si quelqu'un regardait. "Douglas Crase über "True Solar Holiday" Clint Smith über "what is left" Ruth Madievsky über "Propofol" Tomás Q. Morín über "For My Daughter" DéLana R.A. Dameron über "Cartographe" Rachel B. Glaser über "The World of Manet" Christine Shan Shan Hou über "Masculinity and the Imperative to Provve It" Ryan Murphy über "I'don't want to stay".

Moon Night" Lo Kwa Mei-en on "Aubade for Non-Citizens" This poetry had an inscription: "The exploration of the sun system as a unified human race will draw us all together.

Poetry Society (

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