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The Carcanet Press is a British publisher specialising in poetry. UK Small Press Poetry Scene So what's the big time? For seventeen years we have been publishers of poetry and were significantly involved in the changes in the poetry scene. Forward Press was established in 1989 by Ian Walton (our CEO ) and was supported by the many obstacles that a writer may face when he publishes his work.

In the UK, the ordinary poet who has written poetry has been deprived of the fundamental opportunity to release his work. Limited, i.e. by those considered to be the elites or by those who would only make the poet public for pecuniary reasons. Seemingly, writers needed a bridge to publication, not a bar.

With seventeen years to go and over 900,000 verses to date, we are in the unlikely situation of being the biggest publishers of new poems in the underworld. So what's the little compactor? So what does the audience know about poetry? Notice that the small media is even smaller than the "official" mains.

Probably a poetry in our newsletters will be more widely spread than a poetry in most of the journals listed below. Poetry Review" is the most widely used and yet the most extreme of these. They are smaller than the journals in the preceding section, but in other ways just as serious.

A lot of the other small media journals would call it the principal. There is a broad range - even within individual journals there are overlaps with existing and hobby journals. A lot of writers and journals are unknown to the audience just because they are not very good. The best known are those of "The Forward Press".

Many of them are published (often thematically) under different overprints. Many journals are available in full text form. Groundfloor bookstore selling some periodicals. You can also go to a poetry studio. Or, join the crowd at a poetry read. You can find the URLs/addresses of all the above journals here.

The Salt Guide to Getting and Stay Published" by Chris Hamilton-Emery. Perhaps it's a good idea to get posted and stop whipping a corpse. In the meantime, you' re sending your other poetry to the less acclaimed journals.

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