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basing in india, we are publishers of world poetry, fiction & art. We therefore invite you to submit your work for publication here. Poet, critic, linguist, translator, reviewer, professor of English, INDIA. There are no poetry editors in India.

There are neither frahlings nor many poetry publishers.

Who we are - Poetry publishers in India

Dr. Santosh Kumar (*1946) is a Indian author, novelist and journalist; DPhil in English; publisher of Taj Mahal Review and Harvests of New Millennium Journals; several honours; member of the World Poets Society (W. P.S.). Member of the World Haiku Association, Japan; lectures in the workshop, interview as spezial guests at the WORDS - one path to peace and understanding Oslo literature fest, Norway in September 2008; participation in the 20th Annual litterary fest Druskininkai Poetic Fall and Fifth World Haiku Association Conference in Lithuania, 30 September to 5 October 2009;

poems dans indischen Versen von Young Poets and World Poetry (1995 et 1996), The Fabric of A Vision (2001), The Still Horizon (2002), The Golden Wings (2002), Voyages (2003), Symphonies (2003), New Pegasus (2004), Explorer (2004), Dwan (USA), Promise (Purple Rose Publications, USA), World Haiku 2008 No. 4, World Haiku 2009 No. 5, Taj Mahal Review (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008).

He has also produced sixteen World Poetry Anthologies and four World' s Great Short Stories series. Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agrawal from India has been teaching at a postgraduate course at CSJM University; recently posted in Taj Mahal Review, Harvests of New Millennium, Different Worlds: A Virgin Journey and World Haiku 2008 No.

4; member of the World Haiku Association, Japan; publication of 10 new works at the WORDS - one path to Peace and Understanding Oslo in September 2008; participation in the 20th Annual Literature Annual Druskininkai Poetic Fall Literature festival, Fifth World Haiku Association Conference in Lithuania, 30 September to 5 October 2009 and the Singapore Writers Festiva-tion 2017.

Dr. Rosa Maria DelVecchio is a literature scholar based in Brooklyn, Ohio, and works at the University of the CSU. In 2011, just after the release of her novel Road Rage, she joined our editors. Rosa was the son of Abruzzo migrants and grew up in Ohio, where she earned her livelihood at the age of 10 in the personal services and over 30 in the state.

While at the postgraduate level, she was teaching at her own schools of poetry, namely at the University of St. Gallen (MA 1984) and CWRU (PhD 1993), where she was a member of poetry-community. In 1989 she won first place in a poetry competition organised by WOEP (CA), and her poems and literature have been featured in several magazines since 1987.

One of our bestsellers is her book of poems from the Castle Dungeon from 2009. She' s editor-in-chief of the Paulinskill Poetry Project, a small newspaper devoted to the idea that poetry is all locally. She has published her poems in many magazines, as well as in her four collection Just Passing Through (Paulinskill Poetry Project 2007) and At Any Moment (Backwaters press 2010), and in two volumes with Modern English Tanka press.

  • Promoting poetry for freedom and fellowship. - Strengthening interest in poetry and the decorative and creative arts in a time of progress and technology. - Unveil various fashions in modern creativity in a global context. - Provide sensational poetry, fantasy and works of art by creatives from all over the globe. - Creation of manuscripts and magazines with a multitude of authors and artist.
  • Publish exceptional artistic talent in our Taj Mahal Review, an internationally published magazine dedicated to literary and peaceful issues. - Promoting modern creativeness through a wide range of voice and culture. Join our community of imaginative artist networks to foster the ideal of peacemaking, loving, beauty and liberty through creativity.

We have an expert, trained and committed team of authors who carefully edit our work. Throughout the world, the importance of the fine arts radiates more than ever in the twenty-first Century, the golden era of world literature and the golden age of world crafts.

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