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Showing 1 to 9 of 9 poetry publishers in Australia. Interactive Publications Pty Ltd (IP) has been in the market since 1994 and currently publishes over 30 publications per year from writers and customers in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Intellectual Property is a premier publishers of digitized and traditional publications, published under four award-winning imprints:

Interaktive press, glass house manuals, IP Digitally and IP Kidz. There is a special emphasis on our work in the DPC. We also offer publishers and public authorities a range of IP solutions. Publishers of literature, poetry and non-fiction with headquarters in Canberra, Australia. The Peliguin Publications was founded in 1998 to support and commercialize the one-of-a-kind life-changing works of Robin Craig Clark, which have been illuminated by Amanda J. Clark.

An entirely freelance, genreless e-book & print-on-demand publishing house. Blast-Trauma Press makes great audiobooks, great audiobooks and optimized graphics-we provide fully interactivity and periodic e-books for an ever-growing customer base. BusinessZZZWORD Bookes presents witty, smart and fascinating eBooks by professionals. We specialize in smart escapeism and unusual textbooks with unusual topics.

The majority of our writers are in printing at major publishers. The Buzzword office is located in Sydney, Australia. Now Black Chicken Publications accepts handwritten books for eBook translation and sales in their own bookstore from third-party writers. Kids and grown-ups were driven into a reality as much as the everyday constructions around them.

Our feelings have increased in this underworld. We were able to test our bravery in this realm by opposing all chances of surviving with hero. We could ascend to great heights here, unravel apparently inscrutable secrets and truly understand our doom. Hopes would often be frangible in this modern age, but they would continue to grow at all time.

Significance was available in this universe, and end was irredeemably known. But the realm has resisted. Once dreaming of a passionate lifestyle, kids now awake every single morning in a fascinating book environment as bleak as the contemporary lifestyle we live through. Fulfilled the pledge that one of these days we would become king, queen, warrior and hero was a hard and repeating memory that the best we can expect is a blink.

TaleBlade Press was created out of this concept. Made in the hopes that embarrassing and hypnotic stories will be available again. HONOURS is a graduate and freelance author who runs a joint internet-based publication servic. It publishes distributed distribution media, printed on demande pocket books and hardcovers in literature and non-fiction, educational text books and course guides, industrial services and user guides, and all website contents.

Soon we have become a favourite publishers for issues in other languages. The Australian poetry publishers in the index.

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