Poetry Publishers Accepting Submissions

Publishers of poetry accept submissions

Publishers of poetry who accept online submissions. Belles Lettres, non-fiction, (currently no poetry). At the moment we accept poems and prose in different genres. Before submitting a book, please read the guidelines and do not accept individual poems for publication. Please also note that we currently only publish books in printed form, not as e-books.

Submissions of manuscripts

Choices are built on several elements, such as the author's appeal, the similar literature available at the moment of publication and the book's characteristics in terms of price, format and gender. The complete publication is delivered with a symbolic prepayment in currency and a standardized license agreement. Every publisher agreement is different.

We expect from you when submitting a manuscript: As you want to marked out your work. It is preferable that you enter your submissions on-line with our Tender Managers. While we do not admit submissions by electronic mail, if you choose not to use a submissions management tool, we will still admit submissions by post.

Preference is given to 90+ pages.

Poetic Prizes

For submissions during one of our 2017 open filing deadlines, you can verify the state of your submissions by signing into your filing bankroll. The submissions for the award were open from July 1 to October 15, 2017. THE NATIONAL POETRY SERIES: Each year, five prizewinners will be chosen, each with a $10,000 award and a release.

Find out more and register at nationalpoetryseries.org.

Submissions of manuscripts

Publishing depends exclusively on the work' qualities. We do not accept or accept different scripts. All the year round, menuscripts are taken into account on an ongoing one. Concurrent submissions are not welcome, but will be acceptable. Please indicate in the text of your e-mail whether your script is a concurrent entry.

Please note that we do not take US mailings. Already republished poetry, histories, essays and extracts can be incorporated into your work. When and where the poem/story/essays are posted, please include the confirmations of publishing (title of the poem/story/essays) in the text of your e-mail. Our publications include poetry, non-fiction, books for children's games and full-length poetry.

Also we accept picture volumes for kids. Submission format: Please insert the gender and your script heading as your reference. Please fill in your details, a short biography and possible confirmations for publishing in the text of the e-mail. Don't add anything like contacts or identification information or publishing confirmations to your script.

Include your script as a separate Microsoft Word doc (either.doc or.docx is allowed) or Adobe.pdfs. It will not accept scripts that have been sent in a different data type. Don't insert a script into the text of your e-mail: it must be sent as an append. Eliminate any specific formattings from your Word documents before appending them to your e-mail.

There are no header or footer lines, but please specify page numbers. They may use page break, but not section break, table, WordArt, or other specific formats in your script. Don't insert pictures into your manuscripts. Was it a man or woman who suggested that you should submit your work? Do not hesitate to mention these delicacies in your e-mail.

It is recommended that scripts contain a cover page, a list of content and only the text of the work. Chapterbook scripts must contain one page of poetry, please add a page makeup after poetry longer than one page. The terms of entry for these scripts will be available as soon as we start to publish these categories.

At the moment we do not accept full-length fictions or memoirs.

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