Poetry Publications

Poetic Publications

It is a publication that aims to blur the boundaries of traditional poetry. There are too many publications with a narrow definition of what poetry is or should be. That gave me an insightful look at what publications are on their watch lists. Concurrent submissions are welcome, provided you inform us immediately if a poem has been accepted from another publication.


Looking for nice poems that inspired your creativity? While some are primarily poetry concentrated, others only have a poetry index on their publishing. Hopefully you will become acquainted with these publications and how you can do this. Please note that the filing regulations may vary from publisher to publisher.

for new and unpublished authors

To see your work in the press for the first of all is a one-of-a-kind excitement. However, it can seem like a frightening job to send your letter to a newspaper or a journaling if no one other than your loved ones has ever known it. In order to make the trial a little less frightening, here are 9 literature journals that welcome entries from new and never before released authors.

Brittle Star has been releasing works by new and young authors for almost fifteen years, many of whom have seen their works in the press for the first of all. You welcome entries of up to 2000 words of feature films and 1 - 4 poetry. The Brittle Star is released twice a year.

Ricochet is Melbourne, an on-line journal for emerging authors and performers, run by a group of creative people who want to offer others the opportunity to publish on-line. Ricochet strives to give all authors who send in their work a written review, even if it is not approved for release.

Louisville ReviewThe Louisville Review was established in 1976 and has a proud history of promoting the creation of new authors. Louisville Review also welcomes entries of previously unreleased poems from K-12-graders. FIREWORLD's Quarterly is a new freelance literature journal with a focus on style and subtlety.

Firewords will be launched in spring 2014 and is supposed to be a publishing house where thrilling new authors can hear their voice and remember it. She is proud to support young authors and appreciates entries of abstract and traditional poetry and poetic work. Each year Phoebe also organises competitions for literature, poetry and cofiction. Litro Magazine focuses on "discovering new and aspiring authors and offering them a place to study alongside the wardens of the literature world.

Historically, the journal has written brief novels, books of nonfiction and poetry, but recently it has also been publishing articles, essays, interviews, column aries, Podcasts, critiques and articles on art, history, literature arsenal. The Bateau Press is a book printing company located in Northampton, Massachusetts. The company publishes high-quality, well-designed and environment-conscious books.

Entries for Bateau Lit Mag are supported by authors at all phases of their careers: ages and earlier publications are not criteria for entry.

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