Poetry Presses

Poetic presses

At the moment Nightboat only publishes poems about their competition. Note: Most competitions include a few readings, which is common on small presses. The Able Muse Press publishes poems and short stories as well as novels by up-and-coming and established authors.

Small-sized press database - ENTROPY

Entropy is a social resources that leads a number of small media interview into the unknown world. Editorial staff are asked about their origin, their job and what it is like to run a newsmagazine. You will also find here information for the media, web sites and entry rules. More information is available from Small-Print Editor Dennis James Sweeney.

Have a look at Small Press New Releases, a frequent curator of new publications from small newspapers, published by editor Jacob Singer: Minor press announcements. Search all our Small Press Interviews in our Small Press Database:

The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets - Poetry Presses

The Wisconsin has a long and remarkable record of poetry publication, which is still intact. Brain Mill Press was established in 2014 by two best-selling writers with over twenty years of book publishers' expertise and is a small, independant publishers of "love stories for people".

It is our aim to create a catalogue of radical authentically tales and poems about all aspects of the personal experiences of charity that are as widely as possible understand. All of our products are available in three different versions - a beautiful first issue, an e-book and bulk mail order printing - and are available in bookshops and wherever you buy them.


Little presses that release volumes of poetry outside of competitions. There may be a flat rate for the cost of the read. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you are hearing from other publishing houses that are not part of the competition, so that I can complete the itinerary. It seems that more small presses read outside of competitions, even those that also have competitions.

All I can say is that I can only pray that this tendency will persist, perhaps because competition contributions are sinking. A lot of writers can't allow themselves to pay $1,000 in competition money to publish a work. We kindly ask you to help these presses by purchasing their volumes of poetry!

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