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Quarterly publication of fiction, poems and essays by new and established authors. A magazine that combines literature, visual and performing arts, memoirs and essays. Dealing with the overwhelming number of literary magazines is one of the most difficult things. The Junto Magazine accepts entries for our creative magazine. Search them by genre and distribution and consult their submission guidelines.

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The majority of authors attract the interest of authors, journalists, agents and others by first posting their texts in literature magazines or literature periodicals. Many literature magazines and periodicals provide a moderate fee for the letter they agree to write, sometimes by giving you a free copy of the edition in which your work is published.

Once you have defined a shortlist of magazines and periodicals that limit the type of letter you post, take careful notice of the entry rules for each, and be sure to adhere to them. There is no need for an agency for submitting in literature magazines. While there are tens of thousand of literary magazines and magazines that produce imaginative writings, each has its own narrative vote, sound, point of view and missions.

It is important to carefully study the literature magazines in which you want to post your work before submitting it to see if it suits you. A number of literature magazines are only available on-line, while others appear both on-line and in printed form. Frequently, printed magazines have sites where you can view up-to-date or archival contents and get a general feeling for them.

You can often find magazines with literature magazines and magazines in bookshops. You can also keep a large number of literature magazines and magazines in your area, and used bookshops sometimes resell past editions. Make sure to check out our on-line archive and consider buying new editions of several of our books to see where similar works like yours will be posted.

If you do not publish your work in all these magazines, help to promote the publisher as a good writer. Please browse the authors' memos and biographies to see their own backgrounds and interests against those of the authors whose work is contained in the respective periodical.

If you submit your work, you should always adhere to the rules of each paper. Several journals indicate or do not indicate genres or topics in which they are interested. In some cases, contributions are only accepted during certain periods. There are some that limit the number of pages or the number of verses per entry. The majority accepts entries via their website, but in some cases it may be necessary to enclose a SASE.

In some magazines, a flat-rate reader's allowance (usually a few dollars) is charged for the possibility of having your work edited by the editor. Most other magazines do not invoice anything for the submission. A lot of literature refuses to accept works that are not filed in accordance with its policies, so it is important to know and abide by the policies.

They are usually found on the publication's website or somewhere on the pages of the printed journal. There is a division in the literature community when it comes to submission of the same poetry, novel or non-fiction in several works at the same time. A number of literature magazines and literature magazines are discouraging the reality because they can make things more difficult for them:

When you pull a paper out of a paper because someone else has taken the same paper, the one you are pulling out of may already have spent a lot of effort, cash and human resource to review the paper and may have been interested in it. A number of documents expressly prohibit concurrent entries.

But since many publishers have a long verification process - it can take a month and in some cases a year or more for a literature journal to approve or disapprove a play - many authors want to submit the same play to more than one pub. Best practices are to adhere to the directives of the various journals.

The majority of on-line entries are accepted for concurrent entries, but if they do not indicate their position, please email to ask them or indicate in your covering note that you are sending the same item to other journals at the same one. When you submit your entry to more than one paper at a given date and one of them agrees, please immediately notify the other papers that you are retracting your entry unless otherwise stated.

It' easy to keep an eye on how often you submit a book, poetry, story or article, how much you' ve paid for a fee, the state of your entries and how much of your work has been done since you posted your work in one place now. It' s common - and sometimes necessary - to attach a brief covering note to each contribution.

Do not use the Brief as a forum to debate the benefits or topics of the work you submit or to summarise your work as a whole. If you are interested, you may also consider listing any work previously posted by the journal you are admiring to show that you are acquainted with the journal to which you are sending your work.

Together with our literature magazine data base already mentioned, reading guides and magazines are a good place to find out what's out there and how to subscribe to whatever publication you're interested in. Writers and Poet and Novel & Short Story Writer's Markets, all released by Writer's Digest Book, provide in-depth information and entry guidance.

More information about the literature and literature markets can be found in the Community of Literature Magazines & Presses and in the Literature Markets Place (online and printed issues are available on their websites).

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