Poetry Magazines Accepting Submissions

Poetic journals that accept submissions

This magazine is represented in the last issues of the Pushcart Award: The AGNI publishes poems, short films and essays. You can find our guidelines here: www.balloons-lit-journal.com/submission.html.

Writers from Wallonia are considering the fourth edition of the Call For Submissions. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography.

Contributions to 25 literature journals, which you can send in without payment.

1st Tin House: A bi-monthly journal that produces novice and mature authors' novels, poems and articles. Threepenny Show: It is an art journal that unites art history, art and the fine and dramatic art, memoirs and articles. This is a journal that writes a brief history every three to four short stories. This is Kenyon Review: This is one of the oldest and best bibliographic journals in the USA.

The Virginia Review: The VQR is a quaterly publication with a long story of experienced and award-winning newcomers. Public Space is an independant literary and cultural periodical. It is a literary and arts periodical edited three years a year by Georgia State University. It publishes short novels, poetry, interviews, fantasy essay of general interest and a review of contemporary poetry and literary works.

The Bellevue Literature Review: This is a one-of-a-kind literature publication that explores people' s lives through the price of healthcare and cure, sickness, and sickness. The Salmagundi Magazine: Four-monthly periodical issued by Skidmore College since 1969. It is an annual bilingual literature publication with a Carribean emphasis, established in 1986 and edited by the University of the Virgin Islands.

This is Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern: McSweeney's began in 1998 as a literature periodical that only released works that were denied by other journals. It was soon given up, and since then McSweeney's work has drawn some of the best authors both new and wellestablished. The Poetry magazines: Poetry, the oldest English language periodical of the month, was created in Chicago in 1912.

Ageni: A periodical that introduces up-and-coming novelists on a regular basis and is known for releasing important new novelists at the beginning of their career. This is a non-profit organisation that edits a poetry periodical and organises a poetry readings in New York City's West Village. The Southampton Review: The TSR releases works by incumbent composers and novelists, but only the best of the best.

The Idaho Review: The literature periodical of Boise State University. You are looking at sophisticated shorts and poems for the years. The Northwestern University's global periodical for literacy, arts and culture. This biennial edition contains poems, novels, etchings and book review by writers from all over the globe. Newspaper for poetry and poetry, published in 2009 by Ann Kjellberg and Melissa Green.

American Review: Established in 1815, the American Review is America's oldest literature journal and one of the most prestigious. You are interested in high-quality poetry, literature and non-fiction on every topic. Cincinnati Review: Since 2003, The Cincinnati Review has published aspiring authors and Pulitzer Prize laureates.

The Post Road Magazine: The prizewinning literature publication Post Road is published twice a year. International Fiction: This is a literature periodical focusing on technical innovations and societal activities. Established in 1973 at St. Lawrence University in New York, the paper was transferred to San Diego State University in 1983. We have a review of your game: Black Warrior:

Founded in 1974 by graduates of the MFA Program for Creativity at the University of Alabama, Black Warrior Review releases not only aspiring authors but also Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award laureates.

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