Poetry London Submissions

London Poetry Submissions

We accept submissions through Poetry London: Submission | Poetry London In addition, we translate a broad spectrum of poems. There are a large number of submissions, so it can take a months or two to complete, and if your work is short-listed, maybe even longer. Perhaps it is useful to start by looking at the journal to see if your work is appropriate.

At Poetry London we strive to release the best and most thrilling poetry currently being composed, and we are always interested in works by unreleased and acclaimed poet. Submissions by e-mail are not accepted. We kindly ask you to submit a max. of six poems: We are sorry but we cannot ship back a manuscript from outside the UK.

Each year Poetry London produces about seventy or eighty booklets. Self-released works that have not been chosen for comment cannot be accepted. For your feedback, please mail all your book to:

Submission Manager The London Magazine

Our publishing of top-notch literature. We' re looking for poetry and feature films that startle and entertain us. Of course we are interested in working with a London perspective, but not only because London is a metropolis with a global dimension. Before submitting your work, please consult London Magazine to see what kind of materials we are publishing.

Contributions will not be accepted if they go beyond the boundaries of the words or if they are not presented in accordance with our entry rules. Any submissions sent to London Magazine must never have been posted, post, posted on a website, blogs or on-line forums, sent or won or placed (as in 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2, 2, etc.) in a contest.

Because of the size of the submissions, it may take some considerable amount of patience before you get an answer. They will be answered and reviewed. We accept mail, but please be aware that submissions via this site are preferable. We are unable to send back the manuscript to the originator.

The London Magazine release will contain all, if not some of the following formats: Printable versions in the corresponding edition of London Magazine, eBook Edition (Kindle) and on our The London Magazine App and on thelondonmagazine.org. Your work can only be chosen for the on-line publishing.

Shortfilms should appeal to ripe and demanding topics. Normally we do not release sci-fi or phantasy writings or erotic. We' ll include up to 4,000 words of story.

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