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Writers beware, hear from a whole series of writers. Writers caution, hear from a whole series of writers. But often they also want to know something about Frahlingen. Isn' the brand-new poet-interested office good for questioning? So is the spy who just asked for the whole book of poems serious?

Does Author Beware suggest good frahlings for writers?

I have never been able to respond yes - and not only because Writer Beware has a policies not to recommend agencies (or publishers). Except for prominent essays and authors who are already known, Frahlingen hardly ever represents poet. Poetic books are a hard nut to crack even under the best conditions, and the poetic fair, ruled by small press, is just not profitable enough to make it worthwhile for most people.

Poetry usually begins with the sale of single poetry to renowned market. Participation in serious competitions can also be useful if you are a winner (e.g. there are a number of serious debut competitions, such as the Walt Whitman Award). As soon as you have set up a tracking record, you can even hand in your own collections to small publishing houses.

Therefore, be careful not to use intermediaries whose policies state that they want to advocate the poet or publish appeals for volumes of poems. If a Frahlingur says he specializes in poems, be especially careful. These are some useful hypertext articles for writers who want to put their work in the reader's hands: - A complete UK Dictionary of Work.

  • Writing and publishing FAQs of the Academy of African Poets. - Carefully and sensibly advise on how to enter and post poems by Neile Graham. - A poet Beware is my own essay describing some of the patterns and traps that writers can come across. - This section contains an in-depth section on scholarships and awards, including chapterbook competitions.
  • I have more poem competitions from the Poetic Society of America.

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