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Poesie Frahlingen

Excellent frahlingur for authors of non-fiction, fiction, screenplays, plays and poems. Only manuscripts submitted by agents are considered by the largest houses. Scenes: Book-length literary fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry.

Rohm Agency

Also we work with memoirs, commercials, inspiring young adults and economic writers. Besides the representation of our customers towards top publishing companies, the company provides ghostwriting and development editorial as well as cooperation between writers and topics. Rohm Verlagskunden zählen Random House, The New York Times Syndicate International, The Atlantic, Wired Magazine, Tina Brown's Talk magazine, Vogue, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Financial Times of London, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Playboy Magazines, Conde-Nast, Ziff-Davis, John Wiley & Sons, Jossey-Bass, The Magazine Group und viele andere.

Her work has included representing groundbreaking new medias - books, films and videos - for major customers like Donve and the major brand C & A in Europe. He was also a été créé par Rohm war auch Literaturagent und Autor für Sterling Lord Literistic, New York ; The Waxman Agency, NY ; und Waterside Productions, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Californie. Mrs. Rohm is experienced in doctoral studies and performing in various venues.

She" has been a personal speaker and speaker on a number of TV and audio programmes, both domestic and abroad, including: The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America and a dozen programmes on NBC, CNBC, PBS Broadcasting, CNN, CBS, ABC and BBC Broadcasting. He was also an authority on Townsend & Crew, Skadden Arps, Conlin Associates and many others.

Shelle Guétary; bestselling writer Rebecca Walker (Adé: A Love Story; Mother Love; Black, White & Jewish);, literary journalist/author Livia Manera Sambuy (Philip Roth: her worldwide customers include writer and Gouru Linus Torvalds (Just for Fun, HarperCollins), writer Sarayu Srivatsa (The Last Pretence, HarperCollins India) and many others.

When you are looking for an agency, we only accept entries that are exclusively submitted and request that you send us a request for information before you send your work. If you have any questions, please send them directly via our contact page on this website or contact Margaret Taylor at Margaret@RohmLiterary.com or Wendy Goldman Rohm at Wendy@RohmLiterary.com.

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