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To interview the editors of several online journals, please visit the PSA Site Visits function. A cheerful New England poetry journal. Perceptiveness: "Deserves to be read in order to get to know poetry first hand.


The name THRUSH, why? This is what we like about poetry and we really like it. Hopefully we can offer you the best of our poetry. To obtain full rules for submitting papers, please go to the Contribution page. In our opinion, our relation with our collaborators should not end with publishing, and we attach great importance to encouraging their work whenever possible.

Therefore we are nominating for most of the main trophies, antologies and distinctions. A full listing of the nominees can be found on our Distinctions page. THRUSH Gedichte appear and come out in Best of the Net, and Pushcart Prize - Best of the Small Presses - Our Presse releases chapters and handmade Broadsides. Please click here to see our THRUSH-pages.

Poetry is our passions.

2015 Pushcart Prize Ranking of literary journals

The Pushcart Prize Ranking 2015 of literary magazines for POETRY is shown below. Information about my yearly ranking and my methods can be found here. Here you can find the ranking FICTION and NONFICTION. Or - even better - buy one of my copies (from any resource, Amazon.com included): An unexplored country and what the Zhang Boys know).

The Top 50 Literary Magazines - Every Author

Here is our top 50 listing of literature journals. There have been changes in our eligibility requirements for this listing. There is a broad set of eligibility requirements for this shortlist. Our main criterions this year were the date of foundation, the number of domestic antologies (and we viewed many of them), the work' qualities and the author titles from previous years that have been included in the journal.

Well, we have a data base with a roster of 1,000 magazines: You can find a full collection of literature journals here. It was the first website on the Internet to compile a roster of the 50 most important literature journals. When it comes to putting together numbers for placing on the lists, our methodologies are systematic. It is the aim of this checklist to help authors find a place to have their writings published that will give them some appreciation.

Our feeling is that a journal that has been released over a longer timeframe and is recognised on a national level offers writers more opportunities for presentation. These journals also generally have a very good reputation in professional literature journals. As we know, many will not fully disagree and have the feeling that they have removed a good or great book from the mailing lists.

One of the 50 best literature journals, this book is the climax of about 20 years of work. For the first time I had the notion of this listing when I got my own Visual Arts F.A. in Create Script. You talked about good and evil literature journals. Finding on-line releases was tricky.

That was the Big Trick, and it brought this page to life. And then I picked up this before. Initially I began to look for the best literature journals, and then later I realised that I could convert various indicator into a scoring system, and so on.

Later, as the EEA expanded, others assisted in drawing up this inventory. Those journals are something very particular for us, and this is not a total number. There are also added articles about some of the journalists who edited these journals. I was honored to have interviewed them, and we suggest you reread these if you want to better comprehend what these journals are looking for.

Best way and best way to publish your work in these top 50 literature journals is to read them. To have a flourishing literature society means to support each other, not only to support your work by publicising with them. Here is our listing of the 50 most important literature journals.

From 1925, this journal has been publishing some of the best authors in the state. Consequently, they produce excellent works. Established in 1971, Ploughshares is our most appropriate and highest rated non-commercial literature journal at college. With the exception of the New Yorker, it is more widely recognized by readers of New York's most popular publications. It' s an excellent book.

The ploughshares are exquisite and overdue. Launched in 1953, the Paris Review is one of the most prestigious literature journals in the United States. There is always the publication of great writers and great works. Founded in 1998, the company quickly became one of the most award-winning and well-known literature journals in the state.

She has been recognized by more than many literature journals published for over 100 years by domestic antologies. The Tin House is a great mag, reads the interviews, buys the mag. Founded in 1978, the literature journal is one of the best-known and most popular literature journals in the state.

It'?s excellent. On-line filing against remuneration. It is an excellent literature journal published since 1889. There are no on-line entries. This is an excellent business literature journal with a print run of 220,000 people. on-line submittals. This is one of the best literature journals in the state. It' one of the best in the world, forever and ever.

Entries on-line. It' a great literature journal that has great writers and great works. There are no on-line entries. Louisiana State University and a great literature journal. Established in 1991, the journal is always one of the premier sources of well-ratediction. Journal accepts on-line entries. Purchase the magazin, browse the magazin and endorse it.

Since 100 years the literature journal Literaturmagazin releases great works of important writers. It is a journal with origins dating back to 1915. Edited by Southern Methodist University. Over and over again the magazin releases great works. There are no on-line entries. Launched in 1988, the journal has a large fan base. Literature journal publicizes big personalities in written form.

Established in 1970, this literature journal publishes great works again and again. The Glimmerzug is 38 years old and only one way to get here, because they don't release poems. The majority of our numbers included in this listing are award and anthology numbers, and the journals on our listing are very successful if they only write shorts or poetry.

The Glimmer Train is one of the best literature journals in the state. And if they did publish poetry, they'd most likely be in the top 10. Literaturmagazin, which was established in 1976 and edits only poems, is a pure poetry journal. It' one of the top two poetry shows in the state. There are no on-line entries.

Best poetry mag in the state. Established in 1912 and always with great writers in the publisher. publish poems on-line. on-line submittals. Established in 1997 by Francis Ford Coppola, the literature journal produces a consistent series of excellent work. It was first released in 1985 and has every year released excellent tales that it has released in recent years.

Released by Boston University since 1972. Time and again, this literature periodical produces great works. Writes and writes great writers and texts. It' been edited by Antioch College since 1941. These are contained in our data base and an excellent literature periodical. The MQR began its publication in 1962, repeatedly releasing exceptional works.

Edited by the University of Michigan. on-line submittals. Established 1988 Since 1927, this literature journal has been one of the best. Your new website is very well done and you are now accepting on-line entries! Since 1927, the literature journal has been one of the best.

Your new website is very well done and you are now accepting on-line entries! Launched in 2003, the literature journal has featured many excellent writers and work. on-line submittals. Consequently, they produce good works by writers. on-line submittals. Since 1985, the literature journal has produced major works. on-line submittals.

Since 1986 he has published excellent works. on-line submittals. Published only 6 years ago, this literature journal has been honoured so often that it has been added to our rank. Founded in 1949, the literature journal is one of the best in the world. on-line submittals. It'?s an excellent literature journal.

Bard College gave them on-line contents. Edited by Cornell University since 1947, it continues to publish great writers and great literature. The literature journal, established in 1947, features excellent works and writers. Triquarterly was established in 1958 and has always released great works. Often the journal is honoured by domestic anthems.

on-line submittals. Established in 1980 and publicized at the University of Alaska of Anchorage. Das Magazin features great works. It has received many honours since 1978 and has edited great works by great writers. on-line submittals. The literature journal Literaturmagazin, established in 1946, repeatedly produces major works. There are no on-line entries.

Established in 1947, the journal has always produced major works. Throughout The Black Warrior Review, exceptional works by stunning writers have been released. All of us are big supporters of this one-time and long-standing issue of the journal. on-line submittals. Launched in 1987, the journal has recently become powerful with many awards.

on-line submittals. Literaturmagazin, which only publishes poems, was established in 1998. Launched in 2006, Ohio University has been publishing continuously exceptional work from the date of its opening. You have a beautiful website on the Internet and on-line filings. Since 1960 the literature journal has been producing major publications.

Crazy Horse is a very popular issue for us. It is a rarity among many of its kind journals. on-line submittals. They have been edited by great writers in the fields of literature and poetry since 2003. We' ve ranked them as the best on-line literature review, and they have an excellent website, but now they also release in the physical universe, so we have resettled them.

In principle, the literature journal receives points for the number of years in which it has been published. We will then coordinate the performances of these literature journals in several different domestic antennas.

Then we turn all this into a points system and arrange the magazine. It would be so, the top 50 journals in the order are basing on ages + honors + anthology performances =best. For this reason, this has been the number one literature magazine in the last 10 years. In any case, we sincerely pray that this top 50 ranking of literature journals will be useful.

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